Animated food

I love food as much as I love urm… food.

And I love animes and mangas, I’m just your typical otaku neighbour or I’m not even your neighbour.

I came to understand what a food porn means when….

Urm.. this is kinda…horny lol.

Until you watched this.  Holy omurice. This is the real food porn.

But still anime food is so tempting.

I think it’s very easy to guess right? I’m a carnivorous, mostly. Anime food also looks so “bling bling” lolol. Like they got pour some magic sprinkle on the food.

Some more for you

Ok enough la I think it’s quite annoying already. Photos are from

I even prayed hard to live in anime world wtf not even shooting star helps me. So I’m still here in living world so that you all can read my blog about my whining of being in anime world FYL.

If I was an anime, I’d get a pair of big boobs lolol.

Until this guy sent me this photo while I blog this post half,

I don’t think I want to be in anime world now. Bring me back to the realistic. However, photoshop, photoshop everywhere, I just doubt whether it really look that tempting sigh…

Fickle minded, say tell me, to stay in the living world or migrate to anime world? Help me make my choice plzz.

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