My biggest moments 2013//according to Facebook

I signed in. I went to my profile and I saw something unusual that seems to be interesting.

Zoomed in.

Facebook is being a stalker 1352167682289714386_meitu_7

And it stalked my entire 2013 1352167682289714386_meitu_7

And summarize it to max 20 moments in my entire 2013, holy book.

As well as I’m pretty concerned what it checked me out, I clicked.

This showed.

Fb must had been interested and liked my ugly photos fml.

1) Fb interested in my gluttony side. Which literary made this the first biggest moment and sends Alex downs to advices me to beware of diabetes fml.

2) Where Facebook thinks I’m the best when I’m in Punjabi clothes

3) Still interested in my ugly photos

4) Fucking thinks my biggest moments is been tagged by friends. (and going to PLKN)

5) FYL Fb. Since all you could find is me being tagged (still interested in my ugly photo)

Holy mother of Facebook, my 2nd-5th biggest moments are being tagged in photos.

6) Facebook loves stars too *hugs*.

And also freaking reminds me the fun time I had, #YOLO.

7) Urm….

8) Urmm x2….

9) Still freaking interested in my ugly photo, well done Facebook.

10) “A little, just some decent photos of you that I checked out,”  said Facebook.

11) “I like your face half. In that way I don’t have to look at your complete face,” quotes Facebook.

12) Guess, Fb is horny too lolol. Checking out nipples yeah you Facebook? Haha

The comments are all pretty intense haha. Read it at your own risk, just excerpt are allowed.

13) Fb is also checking out who’s the person that loves nipples, as it does loves nipples too. And found Brenda hahaha.

14-16) Random statuses that Facebook got motivated, urm and got me motivated once again too while reread it back.

Still loves Hercules 13521676461111253040_meitu_9

17) Green hair!!! (The colour still there although it faded almost completely now! Should I re-dye it again?)

18) Really, this fb loves getting motivated.

19) I can tell you fb’s gender! It’s female! Look fb also interested in this kind of photo! Hahaha


20 biggest moments ==

Fb is more excited for 2014 than me.

Here how fb teach you how to stalk your friends’ 2013 too.


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