Secret recipe of the hair and everything cute

Feeling cute today H1

At first wanted to go for dim sum in the early morning but who knows it was closed on Gawai day!! 13521676461111253040_meitu_3 So we went for mee kolok.


Walk after breakkie.

Ok la. Also meant some selcas la.

One more spam for you L1

My spec!!! c1 why fell off?!!

Tied up hair because I just went from an interview (to look cleaner?) and Brenda meeting her boss (my ex boss lo) for the first time!!!

Waiting for Jasmine’s car.

Bought contact lenses so i ditched my spec! 13521676461111253040_meitu_10

Actually hor, we went to the saloon and I got cut! Btw means I got cut very cutely.

And tada!

To this.

Jasmine’s advance b’day celebration so I treated her food.

Hers. Carbonara bacon asdfghjkl!@#$%.

Mushroom chicken ???!#.

Brenda’s bolognese.

Green tea cheese cake.

Without Brenda.

Met Goh near the elevator and he was giving out flyers so picca one plzzzzzz.

Fast and furious 6 will do after lunchhhh.

Ok la. 3 idiots taking pictures before the movie starts hohohohoho.

Brenda went back earlier and Jasmine and I continued our sort of journey over the mall (and revealing secrets hohohohohoho).

“Hey we’re done with today date without you! <3” My initial meaning for this picture (sent to Brenda though).

Tongue spam.

Nostril spam.

Prettily spam hohohohoho 13521676461111253040_meitu_9

Ok la my #OOTD Shirt from sister, legging from sister, shoes from sister, bag from sister hohohohohoho.


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