Hola brenda and i.

The other day (yesterday la) I went out with Brenda as I promised her to treat her after I gotten my first salary. Basically in the morning I treat her and we went to Bintang Megamall for movie after. We wandered around and went to find Goh, chatted for a while and I invited him for lunch! Unexpectedly, he actually planned to treats us! Hohohohoho what a day.

We went to Sushi King πŸ˜€

My laoban.

The bill came out was around RM150. Don’t know what we ate until RM150. The food is even barely mediocre I tell you tsk tsk tsk. Holy mother of takoyaki no shredded dried bonito πŸ˜₯

In return I need to treat him with my second salary, to buffet (he requested wan k) because he’s a big eater and I’ll go bankrupt if we go for some ala carte.

Literally we eat in a rush because we only had 30 minutes to eat!!

Because star trek gonna start soon πŸ˜€

A picture before Goh going back to work and we before going to the cinema. Holy cheesus don’t know whether my cheek is getting chubbier or my skull becomes bigger.


I want Iphone 5! kbye.


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