24 hours in Hanoi, Vietnam

My first time stepping into Vietnam and I know that Hanoi is known for Halong Bay. However, I really wanted to experience real vietnamese food during my stay here hence I spent the time eating and eating and eating lol.

Here’s what I’d so far in Hanoi (tried my best to try all the best vietnamese food except for banh mi)

these are what i had and my favourite definitely is the last dish, bun cha.

That’s it for my rather short but ‘fulfilling’ stay in Hanoi!

These are the restaurants that I went, all by sequence:

1) Banh Cuon Gia Truyen

Banh Cuon Pork @ 4.5k vietnamese dong

verdict: i like it! it tasted so familiar to our very own chee cheong fun and it was so cheap! only 4.5k per serving!

2) Bun Bo Nam Bo

Nam Bo @ 60k vietnamese dong

verdict: it was a new taste lol. the beef was well marinated tho 🤙🏻

3) Cafe Dinh

Egg coffee @ 20k vietnamese dong

the local said this is the oldest egg coffee in Hanoi.

verdict: not my cup of coffee. i felt like drinking a raw egg.

4) Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su

Half cooked beef pho @ 70k vietnamese dong

verdict: one of Hanoi’s best phos; it was alright but i was expecting it to be phenomenal lol.

5) Restaurant Dac Kim

Bun cha @ 80k vietnamese dong

crab roll @ 10k vietnamese dong/pc

verdict: my favourite dish of all! but crab roll was mehhhh.


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