Flowers in the Window @ Johor Bahru

Each month, I’ll spend a Sunday in JB and mostly just wander around City Square because it’s the nearest to JB CIQ. It was until I got reallyyyyy sick of City Square & wanted to explore more of JB beside City Square & Larkin πŸ˜‚

I’d planned to go to either The Replacement or Flowers in the Window and I decided on the latter. I must say that this place is really the most beautiful cafe I’ve been so far in my life. Every corners of the cafe itself are so photogenic.

Cajun wedges (RM12) which is overpriced, it was just a boring wedges with mayo sauce. Don’t bother to order this.

Special drink – avocado something i guess lol (RM16.90). Didn’t try this πŸ˜…

As usual, coffee for me. I got their Latte (RM9) and I must say that it’s not the best coffee I’ve had. It was just alright imo.

  • commercial breaks *

Special menu – Hummus something lol (it has like fried okra, squash, beans). My first time having hummus and I think it was good! For the price of RM22, I do think it was worth it because the portion was huge and tasted really good (except maybe just remove that coriander from the dish * gang anti-coriander * πŸ™…)

Salmon Salad (RM26) was so good. Ordered this because it was highly recommended on blogs and it did not disappoint. Having quinoa for the first time πŸ˜… as well as beetroot and zomg beetroot tasted amazing! The salmon was well done, the skin was crispy yet the meat was still tender and juicy 😍 (not sure what’s the level of perfection so I don’t dare to simply said cooked to perfection, i only know how to eat πŸ˜‚). Topped up with pesto sauce (suddenly forgotten what the sauce called and i googled ‘green pasta’ πŸ˜‚).

I’m not a fish person, never the one who would order fish meal in any restaurant but this meal changed me lol.

Must order!!!

I noticed there’s a cafe next to it called Roost Juicebar with apparently is quite an instagrammable cafe as well & Flowers in the Window seems to be like its sister cafe.

This cafe is highly recommended πŸ’› Their main dishes were all really good. They have some cakes as well but I didn’t get any of it because it looked disappointing and didn’t have much selection to choose from during my visit last week.

Looking forward for my next trip to JB and discover more cafes πŸ’–βœ¨


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