24 hours in Cape Town, South Africa

Africa hmm….

Never once crossed my mind that I would like to visit the continent in one day

But this time it proved me wrong

Cape Town is really such a beautiful city. It the same goes for Morocco and Tunisia. I’ve yet to be in the latter two but someday I would.

I’ll share with you the places that I went during my stay in Cape Town, sadly I only have 1 day with me but I’ll definitely be back and stay longer.

Simon’s Town & Boulders Beach

Our guide brought us to this pathway for the view which he claimed only the local knows.

Penguins!! Our guide said the penguins refused to leave the island even though they are not originally from Africa. We’re not allowed to touch the penguins but back then people were allowed to do so however too many people fed human’s food to the penguins so yeahhh.

Hout Bay @ Caveman’s Drive

got someone hold to me behind so i don’t fell lol (the wind was too strong)

Didn’t exactly explore that area. We just stopped by for pictures. The view was so magnificently stunning. I could stay here for hours if I could. I was there in the early of October and the weather was absolutely perfect. It was around 18°c~20°c but with a really strong wind. Just the perfect weather that I like.

Table Mountain

Being one of the New 7 Wonders of the World, Table Mountain is definitely a place that you would never wanted to miss it out during your visit in Cape Town. The view was beyond spectacular that I feel ashamed of thinking Africa was an ugly continent wtf. I was seriously wrong, really wrong!! Places after places, Cape Town kept on proving me wrong and kept on showing me what more they have.


Just a little town with a street of colourful houses which used to housed Malaysian-slaves in Cape Town. Yes, Malaysian slaves. Hence, they have Cape Malay cuisine here which I did not have any chance to try it out.

Victoria & Alfred Waterfront

My last stop in Cape Town is of course the waterfront! We were there for dinner, had a scrumptious one in Gibson’s (my pork ribs only cost me roughly RM60 what??!!) and had a little short walk and I happened to see seal viewing point on the maps and forced the crews to go to the point with me & they were like ”nah, sure no seals. they are all sleeping now”. BUT!!! WE SAW SEALS!!!! I swear the seals were swimming and we were so excited (even though it’s dark and we were not about to see it properly but we were still really excited)! What an amazing closing for my short stay in Cape Town.

Obviously I didn’t manage to explore more places like their Cape of Good Hope and so more beautiful places but I promise myself to be back there asap (hopefully April or May; just when the weather is back to chilly again). See you, 🇿🇦!


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