Treetop walk & Macritchie Nature Trail || My first trail alone experience 🌵

I’d been feeling kinda low in the past few days and I assumed it was because I’d skipped gym for 3 consecutive weeks hahaha. So I decided to release endorphins as much as I can before 2017 ended.

I dropped off from Flame Tree Park and made my way into the Venus Carpark. Got really really worried because the sky was really dark by the time I reached and I did not ready umbrella/raincoat.

Reach at 9am but journey was postponed to 9:40am because it started to rain as soon as I arrived. Thanks, God. The rain stopped as soon as it can and I embarked my journey finger crossed for the weather to behave loll.

Because it rained so the trail was muddy and a little sloppy. I started my journey from Venus Carpark → Treetop Walk → Macritchie Nature Trail.

Reached Treetop after an hour of walking trail 🚶🌳. The trail is labelled as ‘moderate to difficult’ but nah, for me it was super easy peasy. Some paths were rather tiring (e.g walking up the hill & helluva stairs). I reached the Treetop with a sense of achievement (imagine me, a person who hate exercise, actually doing one rn lolll). The was windy and rather chilly that day as the weather was still pretty cloudy. The view however was a little disappointed as I expected the Treetop to be higher.

So lucky because I saw a monkey upclose. The security told us that the monkey was harmless and wouldn’t disturb anyone.

And of course

. . . .


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