[Marina – Miri] Coffee Class @ Koffee Brick


Went to a coffee class before I flew off to Singapore the other day. Thanks to Alyssa for the invitation! 😀

Koffee Brick is one of the very few cafe serving third wave coffee in Miri (prolly only 2 cafes serving third wave coffee now in Miri). I got to learnt of third wave coffee was from my sister (cos she was once crazed about all these coffee thingy and even bought handpresso, V60, Clever Dripper lolll). So third wave coffee is typically a movement to produce a high quality coffee.


I’d been to Koffee Brick several times and I really liked it here than the others cos here is much more chill and silent and I can really enjoy my time here. Def a good place to come if you wanted to do your work/study.


^^ I liked this photo the most (out of 34794309810 photos I took). Idk why but I just liked it (even stopped them baristas for the shot).20139777_1502248609796628_6566886640758944875_n20156055_1502247419796747_4253562434275746432_n20108218_1502246996463456_5850025221636938851_n20228911_1502247396463416_4042038877033137559_n20108422_1502247066463449_1582784845955912977_n20228342_1502244263130396_2037306774298514943_nThis is their infamous brownie served with their homemade coffee ice-cream! (psst, this brownie really lived up to its name – MUST TRY)

20108178_1502244376463718_7639661644997420247_nThey will have different coffee beans from time to time so remember to check ’em with their barista 🙂


20228649_1502247739796715_4960556649170325053_nReached there and saw these little beans were waiting for us on the table.

Our class consists of 2 sessions:

Theory and Practical (much more like hands-on)



*this is where the boring part began*

Ok, kidding kidding. Not all theory is damn boring one ok.20139683_1502247153130107_1891690828092168161_n20228521_1502241293130693_1034513701550712050_n

This is Jion, he’s the head barista & the manager. He was the one giving out our class.

Throughout the lesson, I got to learnt types of coffee bean (basically two types – Arabica & Robusta), coffee’s history, brewing methods, 1st 2nd & 3rd wave coffee and yada yada yada not really that important cos the most important part was that I learnt how to drink coffee in the correct way!! OMG I NEVER KNEW DRINKING COFFEE ALSO NEED TECHNIQUE ONE!!! AND YES, THAT MAKES THE WHOLE LOT DIFFERENCES!! NEVER KNEW BLACK COFFEE CAN TASTES REAL GOOD TOO HAHAHA20155621_1502247239796765_4683115404835976820_nWe got to try out their coffee which I’d forgotten which bean it was but I remembered one of it was fruity one and another was a little more bitter.

When Jion ask who prefer which, all of us picked the bitter one except Zool. Ok, the whole fruity one was yours, Zool.



20108278_1502239733130849_7423311040317420491_n20108337_1502243869797102_575518775651186918_n20228611_1502242983130524_5449293346297673868_n20155600_1502242716463884_6407875987788474230_n20258388_1502243616463794_8511014904528925746_n20140025_1502243349797154_1803896413187158380_nThe baristas showed us 2 brewing methods, sorry I really forgot the first one (is that the clever dripper again?) and vacuum syphon.


While they were brewing the coffee, we tried out one of their specialty, the Nitro Brew Coffee which basically is nitrogen brew la lollll.20108640_1502240523130770_7629781015554080527_n20228668_1502242863130536_6498573998341304278_nBased on what Jion said, it’s like the Guinness coffee XD

I’d their Nitro Brew Coffee before and I don’t fancy ’em lol cos it was my first time trying out black coffee but this time round it was surprisingly SUPER NICE!!! During my first time, all I was focusing was OMG SO BITTER DAMN BITTER TOO BITTER but this time I get to taste it smooth & creamy OMG NITRO BREW GOTTA BE MY FAV BLACK COFFEE FROM NOW ON LOLLLLLL. Officially graduating from latte.20108541_1502248499796639_6033648916040705758_n20108564_1502240829797406_2282808696092153912_nAnd we got to try their homemade coffee ice-cream!! HOMEMADE!! But honestly, I wished it tasted more coffee than milky (but everyone else said it was so good la).

The other day, I went there with my friends and we tried out their brownie served with the ice-cream and ZOMG TAI HAO CHI LE BA!!! < SUPER NICE LOL. I am not a chocolate person and brownie is one of my most ‘hatestststst’ dessert (I know, you may scold me haha) but surprisingly the brownie here super good ok!! Not jialat at all hahaha and the ice-cream goes so well with the brownie!! (MUST TRY OK!!)20108317_1502247933130029_6422324314773966398_n20245886_1502244823130340_7276116684024950197_n20139948_1502244153130407_5456746012362229275_n

ICE DRIP COFFEE (tried it as well but still prefer Nitro Brew Coffee).




What a face hahahaha but ya I got up first to give it a try (cos no one wanted to be the first HAHAHAHA)20245941_1502242336463922_7466134745563221990_nSPAM20229352_1502242276463928_5780192254014771025_nSPAM20156171_1502249046463251_2066710732211483423_nSPAM20139813_1502241463130676_2777174600627374205_nSPAM20108272_1502242129797276_7142054800931359771_nSPAM

Gosh why am I never getting serious in doing anything lollll20228535_1502242036463952_47212789058484280_nDone brewing my coffee so must take picture ok!!

One thing I learnt from brewing the coffee was that sorry barista is not a job for me LOL. Like I can’t even multitask but barista is all about the measuring and brewing while checking the time constantly. (And I damn clumsy LOL)

Me: I cannot be a barista la cos it’s all about multitasking and I can’t do that!


Jion: Actually barista is 90% being minion and washing dishes & cups.


And Alyssa tried brewing with the vacuum syphon!!

Why everyone else candid so nice one!!! What technique to look nice in candid photos ah?!


Eve really wanted to try the espresso machine so here she was!

20155744_1502248679796621_7617399354934980430_n20228704_1502247596463396_7988296683771810789_nBarista也看得太入神了吧 XD


And here’s Alyssa brewing here own cup of coffee!


Now is Zool看得太入神了吧

20155892_1502248866463269_2118712107710830781_nWhile everyone busy brewing their coffee and poor Zool was forced to take my vain photo cos look at that brick wall damn photogenic one ok!

20108398_1502248999796589_2806405566875567565_nAnd here’s one with Jion!

Oh, they did grind your coffee beans for free too;

Me: Even for a whole guni?


Jion: *laugh* Don’t the whole guni la.

So remember if you want to grind your coffee beans, I suppose half a guni can? HAHA

20229239_1502239509797538_6595446513719302111_nAnd one with the Sarawak Bloggers’ team!

20108180_1502240699797419_3712359732177417941_nThis photo die die also must post cos I liked it!! Thanks Alyssa for the photo and thanks to the baristas for your cooperation ya hiding away :DD


If you’re interested it the same class that I attended, just contact the Koffee Brick team: (go & learn how to drink coffee the correct way ok the fee really affordable one hahaha)


Call: +60 13-837 6201


FB: https://www.facebook.com/pg/KoffeeBrick/about/?ref=page_internal


Btw, they are serving breakfast now (and I tried it haha cos I went back for the breakfast & tried their Dirty Chai – surprisingly good cos i hate Chai Latte LOL) but IMO the breakfast was so-so, just go for their coffee, it will surprise you. (Sounded like I went there a lot but no ok, only 4 times haha)


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