So a German guy invited me for a ‘No String Attached’…

…but he’s good looking lol.

“Would you join the double bed?”

Anyways, I bet you guys are very curious right HAHAHA. So I am now back in Singapore (finally after 2 years) and is now currently staying in a mixed bedroom hostel & that was where I met that handsome German guy. Let’s name him T.
T is a solo traveler, a backpacker. He has been traveling for half year and back in Germany, he was a nurse. He left quite a good impression on me fluttering heart and of course I asked and followed his Instagram account (I also followed the other two dorm mates as well).

Being the ice breaker, I’m the one who made the first move and initiated all the conversations with all the dorm mates. And of course we had a good talk the night before he checked out and en routed to Kuala Lumpur.


Things happened last night when he decided to DM me on Instagram..

Just a normal conversation like asking how was I and he told me he will be staying in KL for 8 days (waiting for his German visa and yada yada yada).

T then invited me to join his trip along and I was like “WHY NOT?” cos I am kinda “free” for 10 days and I said I might be considering his invitation.

Things escalated from then on and he said;

“Maybe we could share a room together?”

He said we could save cost and I asked “twin beds?”

He said;


Okay, I got your intention boy, I got it. I decided to play along & one part of me hoping that he doesn’t mean it (cos he handsome ok hahaha that’s why don’t judge a book by its cover lo).

And so things get pretty straight forward and yada yada yada.


So yeah, he asked me whether I want to “experience” with an European or not and I was like “BAHAHAHAHAHA” lol. He sounded like he’s quite skillful what, I’m in no right place to comment on it lol.

I replied him that;

“Even knowing your intention, it’s still a no string attached as there’s no commitments between us.”

And he replied;

“We would not spend only one night. Could become a short time commitment.”

I immediately screenshot it to my friends and told them; “He wants sex for many nights” LOLLLLLLLLLLL


Well, I rejected him till the end and he was just like “OKOK” me.

So sayang cos he’s damn good looking (except maybe he lost quite a lot of hair – he’s 24 btw). My friend said he damn dry is it XD I guess he is haha

And I really wanted to ask him a question,

like he’d been DM-ing me asking for a ‘short term commitment’,

but why tho?




Why is he not following back my instagram account ah? HAHAHAHAHAHA

I guess I’ll follow him on instagram for a while before I decided it’s the right time to unfollow him LOLLLLLLL (I’m very polite right hehe).

And ya, beside meeting T from the hostel, I met quite a lot of new people (oh I got another story but let save that for the next blog post – only if i remembered to blog about it!).

I guess people tend to think that I’m much more an ‘easy’ person cos I am more outspoken and friendlier(?) but don’t judge me ok, also don’t judge someone based on their appearance (like T lolllll).

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