TaeKyeong Korean Restaurant @ Marina Park City Phase 2, Miri

Went here for quite some time already 😂 I still have a lot of drafts like this one, especially my Jakarta & Taiwan posts are never done LOLLL

Since it had been sooo long so pls forgive me if I don’t remember every details lolol

Anyways, I believe now we tend to look out for the restaurant design & deco before we decided to try them, right right? 🙌 So this restaurant made us wondered 真的有那么好吃吗?We were there roughly 3pm – 4pm (what an odd time for lunch LOLLLL) and they were having rest & only the boss was there. He was having his meal by the time we reach but he still came up to serve us 😅 真的幸苦你了老板 (he did however told us that he will take a longer time to serve cos there’s nobody around to help him)

Something jujube and I forgot another. The boss told us that we can refill our drinks by ourselves at the counter 😁

Free seaweed soup & side dishes. They have the BEST KIMCHI I ever tried like the best. I’m not fond of Korean dishes as I don’t think I’ve tried any good Korean dishes before but TaeKyeong made me change my mind. Just so damn good.Kimbab was actually pretty normal for me la..But this was ZOMG SUPER DELECTABLE!! SO GOOD THAT I WENT BACK TO THE SAME PLACE AGAIN WITHIN THAT WEEK!! Tasted nothing like what I had before. Please offer their tteokbokki!!On the other side, the fried chicken was a little too tough but the flavor was good but nothing as good as the tteokbokki hehe.Bibimbap was good, tasted fresh of the vegetables (idk how to describe it LOL)菜的新鲜味LOLOLJjampong, a Korean dish that I’d on my list to try for such a long time and I finally tried it. I love the seafood soup so much!! The seafood taste was so strong but so good. Oh, the dish was quite huge. Damn, anyone want to 约 me or not cos I miss this again!!Another must must must order is their Kimchi Soup!! The boss was so generous, look at that amount of goodness OMG!! There was like LOTS of pork, tofu, kimchi and onion in it. Just look at that bowl of goodness, too good too good.

Ok this post literally took me 6 months or more to finish it LOL and finishing it was like torturing for me T_T anyone want to come here with me again?

P/S: Can anyone update with me whether it is still operating or not cos I can’t find their fb page anymore!!!! T_T


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