Just a little update on my recent life LOLLL. I failed my weekly update, as expected lol.

Apart from used my 10gb phone data in merely less than two weeks, I think my days were pretty mundane? Oh ya, I finally secured both air tickets and hotels for my upcoming trip in 2018! I know right, we are now still in the mid of 2017 and I had all 2018 things done?!

As excited as the upcoming trip to BKK on Nov, I think the trip in 2018 is much more exciting cos I’ll be going with my bffs 💖 like since foreverrrrrrrrrrr and finallyyyyyyyyyy. We will be going both Langkawi & Penang!! What more is the air tickets and hotels I secured were all damn cheap ok!! I bought it few days ago when Traveloka was having their 50% discount going on! #travelokasloyalcustomer

Secured my MYY-KUL-MYY, KUL-LGK, LGK-PNG and PNG-KUL flights with only RM290!!!! Damn cheap right!! Most importantly is that all my flights are either MAS, Firefly or Malindo Air!! Not Airasia ok!! This time no more budget flight like finally 😭

While I managed to buy so damn cheap air tickets, I even managed to buy even damn cheap hotel stays. 7D6N for not more than RM170?!  There were times when I even praised myself for always manage to save a lot of money on a trip LOLLL. You all people can hire me as your trip planner cos I hunt all cheap deals lol. There were even times that I think anyone travel with me sure damn lucky one cos u guys gonna save so many money lollll.

#travelokasloyalcustomer ⬅ need to hashtag this again cos I am seriously Traveloka’s loyal customer. Ever since I used Traveloka, I never go back to Agoda or booking.com or hotels.com, NEVER. I believe I raved Traveloka a lot in my blog or amongst my friends, I don’t think I will ever stop sharing good things with you all and you’re all welcome 😂

Oh, last week, someone told me not to waste so much money on traveling while I am still young and that I should be earning and saving and only travel when I grow older.


NOPE I DISAGREE. If I don’t travel now, when will I? I get to travel this much (not much actually) is because I learn to travel in budget. I learn how to 管理钱财 while traveling. 

I was even told to earn money and saving and then go travel in style for once in a year.


EARN MONEY FOR A YEAR TO HAVE THAT 10 OR SO RELAXING DAYS?! No man. I rather travel in budget. I get to experience so much more than travel in your so called style.

But still, everyone got their own opinions la, travel in style sure is much more comfortable and can spend more money buying stuffs 😂 but after all I would still choose to travel in budget. Like in my situation,  if I choose to travel in style, I only prolly get to travel once in a year. However, if I choose to travel in budget, I can travel twice or thrice in a year. So yeah, I choose to explore more places while I am still young lo 😂


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