#JnL11thfriendiversary || Tuntex Sky Tower, Kaohsiung


Blogging from Thailand and I’m back with TW post again! I know, I know, even my friends had been asking me why it seems to be never ending lol. I promise I will try to complete all of it soon!

Tuntex Skytower is the highest building in Kaohsiung & probably one of the best location for city viewing! I bet y’all know Taipei 101, right? Then Tuntex Skytower is like Kaohsiung own version of Taipei 101.

ENTRY PRICE: NT$180 (adult), NT$90 (senior citizens) and free entry for the kids below 100cm.

OPERATION HOURS: 9:00am – 10:00pm (daily)

(strongly recommend to those who think Taipei 101 is too expensive cos in Kaohsiung, you can get a good view with half the price lol)

Tbh, the lift fascinated me the most. The moment the lift went up, the interior turned darker and darker and then slowly turned into this beautiful starry sky wall.

But beautiful thing doesn’t always last, have to quickly snap it cos it goes off super fast (which indicated we almost reach our destination!). P/S: I get to enjoy the starry sky for second time (the moment we went down to ground floor)

The observatory deck is on 85th floor but we had to drop off on 84th floor and took the stairs to 85th. Unlike being escorted to Starbucks Taipei 101, we get to went up by ourselves!

My tips on city viewing: choose the right timing.

I am more to a night view person so I would always opt for an evening time (right before sunset) which in my opinion is the best timing. Cos that way you’ll be able to enjoy 3 different views (day view, sunset & night view).

We reached at the perfect time and we didn’t need to wait long for the sunset.

The sunset here was definitely the most beautiful one I’d ever seen. I was so blessed to be able to witness the amazing moment here in Taiwan. I met 2 photographers who were by my sides, snapping photos and we had a little chat. They agreed too that the timing we went were the best timing!


The view after sunset was even magnificent. All those busy hustling bustling city seems to look like hundreds and millions little stars from the 85th floor.

Can you find Kaohsiung’s infamous ferris wheel in this picture? The view was absolutely spectacular,

With a little help from timer hehe

Instead of just amaze by the view, you could explore the entire place as well. There are photobooths (NT$100 once I guess), mini exhibitions, the Japan inspired prayer booth & stamp station so do remember to bring along your travel journal!


By Kaohsiung KRT:
1. Take KRT-Red Line (捷運紅線) to KRT R8 Sanduo Shopping District Station (三多商圈站(R8)). From exit no. 2 walk towards Xinguang Road (新光路) to Tuntex Sky Tower (高雄85大樓).
2. Take KRT-Red Line (捷運紅線) to KRT R8 Sanduo Shopping District Station (三多商圈站(R8)). From there, take shuttle bus to Tuntex Sky Tower (高雄85大樓).

By Bus:
1. Take bus no. 78, 83 or 100 to Tuntex Sky Tower stop (高雄85大樓站/建台百貨站).
2. Take bus no. 14 or 70 to Sanduo 4th Rd. stop (三多四路口站)


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