#JnL11thfriendiversary || Maokong & Maokong Gondola

After a visit to Taipei Zoo, we hopped onto Taipei Zoo shuttle bus (FREE!!) to Taipei Zoo Station to take Maokong Gondola all the way to Maokong.

The view on the gondola was magnificent…

but Maokong has even better view.

Maokong has really nice and fresh air however there was not much to explore except eating their infamous tea ice-cream, having tea trails or drinking teas lol.

Since we were not fond of teas by that time so we just headed towards their food stalls to fill our hungry stomach.

Mala smelly toufu with pig bloods. Not to my liking but the pig bloods were nice!

My wild boar sausage 😊 I’d two of it for NT$50, I really miss it now!

After having our short break, we decided to return our hostel to wash up. There will be a lot of uncles/drivers around telling you to use taxi instead of going back with the gondola but DON’T FOLLOW TAXI!!!

Reason is because you’ll get to choose the choice of your gondola πŸ˜… I’m not sure whether you can choose for crystal cabin on the way to Maokong cos I can’t seem to find the queue in Taipei Zoo station but I found it in Maokong station. update found out there are crystal cabins depart from Taipei Zoo as well!

The queue was slightly longer than regular cabin, for sure (cos no extra charges for crystal cabin, same fare as regular cabin). But if you don’t mind, you can share your cabin with other people (like us) and you can skip the long queue!

Crystal cabin! I thought I would be scary, but it was actually pretty alright? Or perhaps I am not afraid of height πŸ€”

Hehe. Took this after I LIVE’d on fb and a friend commented to take picture laying on the crystal surface. Of course I didn’t lay down la, else my hair will get stepped on πŸ˜‚
The fare for the gondola rides was actually pretty cheap at around NT$240 for two-way (Taipei Zoo – Maokong – Taipei Zoo). Easycard holder will receive NT$20 offer on weekdays.The one I rode in Sun Moon Lake costed me NT$300 for two-way 😐
P/S: the ride from Taipei Zoo to Maokong was actually pretty far (about 30 mins per ride). There are two other stations in mid of Taipei Zoo & Maokong (Taipei Zoo South Station & Zhinan Temple Station – different fare!). Perhaps if you would like, you may drop at any of the station to explore!


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