Taiwan Stay || Backpackers Inn, Kaohsiung #JnL11thfriendiversary

My favourite hostel of all is here in Kaohsiung!

Right after our fun day in Yunlin, we immediately board the train to Kaohsiung! Out of all the states I went, I love Kaohsiung’s vibes the most!

We stayed in Backpackers Inn for 2D1N. I kinda feel sad that we left Kaohsiung too soon but there’s always a ‘next time’! ✈️


 photo 5A734389-76E1-4BA7-8BFE-E4F8635B895C_zpstklhfye4.jpg
 photo 83E55281-2B27-4BAA-A371-3069260EB5EB_zpsrecgurxy.jpg
 photo F710B97D-95FC-4D51-A5A9-14C3476EA588_zpszvb8gwlo.jpg

There’s this kiosk in front of the entrance selling breakfast and juices! We didn’t get to try ’em out tho.


 photo 3D1ECD9A-A42D-46D3-89C0-DA2FB91C4923_zpshdtmykrd.jpg

The lobby & lounge area!

I loveeee their halloween’s deco! It makes the space looks more fun! Their atmosphere is more like fun and quirky which I love!

 photo AF14F3CA-9D6C-4671-B427-0229719CB865_zps7a5aqpwk.jpg

Do you know what you must bring along to Taiwan? Yes, a notebook/travel journal! We brought our journal with us everyday and just spot for any stamp station 📍Backpackers Inn has their own stamp too! I mean stampSSS!! All of their stamps were super cute and it’s all about Kaohsiung! I had it all fully stamped in my journal 🌝

 photo A2F1401C-BA76-4C1E-9C87-28D8397ED0A9_zpsidtpcw9u.jpg

Beside spending a good 10 minutes on stamps, they provides books for travellers to leave their notes; typical hostel lol. I left mine too, in one of those books!

 photo 8D0F7BDA-5306-4E34-8A50-DEA7A4EDC629_zps0uta5guc.jpg


 photo A77C95D4-913C-4C61-BF10-530889FAADF9_zpsbuloxtxp.jpg

Beside leaving note on the book, there’s this section to leave your note in a card! I MUST LEAVE MYSELF A CARD TOO LOL.
 photo 444F2A46-BD43-4A8A-8662-5844CD56991F_zpsim7byvdy.jpg

What I loved the most about this hostel was if you checked in Fb & like theie fb page & leave a comment and you’ll get free gifts!
 photo 5073E415-C24C-4AC4-BA0B-A9F3684850CD_zpsnmdjxdtp.jpg

This hostel’s fun is never ending!! They have lots of board games too! I could literally spend half the day just in their lounge area alone!


Mini kitchen & dining area which we didn’t managed to use it. It has the basic utensils, induction cooker, toaster, microwave – just perfect for you to cook a meal! And for those who wanted a quick meal (e.g cup noodles) or snacks, they sell ’em too!


 photo 8BCAF187-1CBD-47C0-B5CA-14329BBCABEF_zpsfddtzv5o.jpg

Ok shall end the tour for the lounge & kitchen area and let’s head over to my room! ✌🏻
 photo 497A3772-F28E-4E71-ADEC-79D51C382932_zpswmrlrn8k.jpg

Talking about efforts, even the lift’s decor can’t be left out lol

 photo 9D25EA7E-C038-416F-A7EC-EAF6972EB063_zpsxhnkgnxq.jpg
 photo 8BAA7A1A-35D0-40C4-8C4D-07D8F45C164A_zpsg5k4bymb.jpg

Ta-da! I slept on the upper bunk bed! (which i ended up slept on upper bunk bed for the rest of the hostels lol). Provided are a cabinet to put your belonging, hangers to hang your clothes underneath the cabinets & spacious space to keep your luggage underneath the cabinet.

 photo 764690D8-D93F-44D7-9917-0A6EC087F4B3_zpsdff4qnja.jpg

That’s how it looked like. A card holder for you to put your card + turn on the electricity, a very brilliant design after all cos I’m such a clumsy & messy person and can make anything lost in a second lol. The space was really comfy & private except you have to bring universal adapter to use the plug.

 photo 70B13354-52AE-4FFE-AB18-3F9A3FE9BFF1_zpshdq0zqap.jpg

 photo 76B526DC-F82C-43F4-B8C4-A63B69A83567_zpskq2zsxti.jpgI quite like their idea for the faucet, i must say that is creative.
 photo D07281B2-3A16-40F2-B8B5-3C8D736B3BA9_zpsl165zjfk.jpg

Toilet & bath are in separated room. All were super clean & shampoo checked/body bath checked for those light travelers.
 photo 581A8AC2-60A2-4B6F-8D86-FC9B9A511F3E_zpspnucrlvl.jpg

I really like their toilet and i think it is the most thoughtful one? Normally hostel will provides tissue rolls only but in Backpackers Inn, you will get cotton wipes, cotton swabs and small basket to put your own toiletries.

No worries because hair dryers provided as well. Rest assured and pack light!

 photo 7E63684D-E46C-424F-87FE-B55F385C1AB1_zpsatsknkbv.jpg

 photo 49785E94-3A67-412D-8DDE-291D6DF3832D_zpsvphmizju.jpg
 photo 8EFD269E-DB3F-4F00-BA17-E50A1E2BDD50_zpsbz1hqgqa.jpg
 photo BD7F9B41-CE03-4030-8727-D7CB39886813_zpsrg9hbjma.jpg

Beside lounge area, the rooftop was my second favourite place in this hostel. The view was just simply amazing especially during night time. I wished I’d had a beer or two with me and enjoy the view and night breeze but sadly I didn’t get to really enjoy ’em!

But for those who wanted to enjoy the view with some snacks & drinks, no worries cos they sell ’em on the rooftop!
 photo ABB75AD0-70C8-4C74-94DE-4BA52DB70C9E_zpsi1x0677l.jpg
 photo FD9696D4-EA03-4C7C-8DCF-EA1B49CEE036_zpszzrhwwml.jpg
 photo FA8F44E3-D543-4A2D-99BE-4C9066B0B739_zpsdzq79wbn.jpg

Except that there’s no one looking after the ‘store’. All you got to do is take what you want and pay it to the piggy bank there & be honesty lol. Various selections of board game to ‘lend’ from the store as well to enjoy in on the rooftop!


Cutest ever 💕 except that there was some malfunction on the lightning. It will keep change expressions and it made the whole building’s design looks like a robot at night!


KMRT: Alight at Central Park Station R9 exit 2->Hotel

HSR: Alight at Zuoying Station, take KMRT towards Central Park Station R9 exit 2->Hotel

Taiwan Railway: Alight at Kaohsiung Station, take KMRT towards Central Park Station R9 exit 2->Hotel

upon coming out from the Central Park Station (R9 Exit 2), walk straight & cross the road & you will find the hostel next to a church nearby

By bus: take bus no. 12, 100 or 301 and alight at Central Park Station toward Zhongshan 2nd Rd.-> Hotel

Price per night (8-bed female dormitory):

 RM57.55 (Traveloka’s price) – RM17.85 (promo code) = RM39.70 per night (w/o breakfast)


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