I painted my first canvas!

Ok, let’s take a break from travel posts.

As some of you might know through my social media/anywhere else, I moved to a new house! I finally get my own room after staying in a shared room with my mum for nearly 3 years and I am super excited to decorate it!

I decided to have some painting in my room and I thought why now paint it myself since all the ingredients are super cheap and affordable?

Acrylic paint was from Mr DIY, thin canvas was from Daiso and brushes were from local bookstore.

Idea was from Pinterest πŸ‘†πŸ»

I was never an art student, neither in art stream, someone who would pass her drawing in the very last minute for her art assignment not because she took time to do it but she just kinda slacked and simply done it for the sake of higher marks in exam. So don’t jugde my drawing, I already done my best πŸ˜‚ Amateur here pls 🌝 I literally spent the most time drawing instead of painting lol.

Didn’t use gold paint cos it was costly πŸ˜‚ Budget barbie is here yo πŸ™ŒπŸ» So I just kinda mix whatever yellow tones I have in my pallete.

At this point, I started to doubt myself. “Why am I even doing this? What the shit am I painting?”

The hardest of ’em all. Trying so hard to control that fucking brush ζŠ–ζŠ–ζŠ–* I almost cried doing this, my shoulder’s hurt so much. This point, I doubt myself even more fml. “Why the fuck I spent so much efforts and times but it doesn’t look promising?!”

The end result 🌚

It was definitely better than in process lol. My favourite part? Painting that black background as if I was painting my own soul lolol.


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