Taipei Eats || YongHe DouJiang; worth the hype or not? #JnL11thfriendiversary [Ximending]

I’m sure for those who planned to travel, you all would always search for “best places to eat”, “best breakfast/lunch/dinner places”, or “best restaurants/cafes”. We would always search for the best, am I right? Psss, cos I’m the same yay! High-five! πŸ™ŒπŸ»

I’m sure for all the tourists, YongHe DouJiang is definitely in their itinerary/travel planner because heck all the ppl is recommeding YHDJ as the best breakfast place in Taiwan which I absolutely disagree.

On our first few days in TPE, we stayed in XMD area so yeah I was so trilled to find YHDJ in XMD! So we woke up pretty early on that particular day just for YHDJ.

The place was small, like super small which could only accomodate 10-15 persons and was shared with the next shop, an ice shaved place. The seating area was hot as well cos there’s literally no fans/air cond around.

We made our order and paid before going in to find our seat. The place was quite dirty with trashes on the tables. We had to clean it ourselves cos there was no staff cleaning it up!

This counter is for us to pick up our food (self-service!)

Soymilk – NT$25

Freshly brewed homemade soy milk. But no matter how much freshly brewed it is, it still not up to my preference because like what I said, i’m no health junkie and i prefer canned soymilk more lol.

Xiao Long Bao – i forgot the price but prolly around NT$80 & Egg Crepe – NT$45

Neither any of it taste good up to its name. The food was mediocre and boy was that a disappointment. We didn’t try out their so-called infamous you tiao but what I saw was wasted you tiao on tables, like literally no customer finished the whole you tiao?! I get that the you tiao was quite big in portion but seemingly that the wasted you tiao was everywhere is like the taste’s not as promising πŸ€”



Or just perhaps we went to the wrong branch of YHDJ since you know, you can’t trust touristy area πŸ™„


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