Taipei Eats || JinFeng LuRouFan; they said it’s the best

We arrived Taipei from Kaohsiung at 5:30am, headed to our hostel & washed up and breakfast time!

I heard a lot good reviews about Taipei’s best lu rou fan which turned out to be 1) Formosa Chang and 2) Jin Feng. We went to Jin Feng this time round.

We were pretty early on that day hence the shop was a little empty. The shop can get packed with long queue during peak hour.

Yes, hello the infamous lu rou fan! It was definitely good! I love Taiwan rice! Short and fat grain 😂 The taste was def more fragrant from the other place we tried! But I personally think that it was a bit too overrated? It was good but not to the point of queueing up for it. I think mainly bcos I still can’t get used to the Taiwanese’s taste.

Pork’s stomach soup which is such a disappointment, it was all bland. The stomach was alright, not a fan of it.
So far, I’m not really impressed with Jin Feng. Maybe I should try out Formosa Chang next time.


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