Fourth week of 2017


Trying out The Noble Rider’s delivery service. Decided on Piring Hitam’s however both of the meals turned out really really bad.


Brenda came back from KL for a short while and we had lunch together with Jas & Eve as well. It has been so long since we last contacted each other, 2 – 3 years I think. We had Ajisen Ramen and Nagi Ramen is still the best (i can’t, nagi ramen had spoiled my tastebud for a good bowl of ramen).

And we then went to the nearby ice shaved place and I finally had my favourite shaved ice, ice cincau c gula apong!! The bestestestest!!


Had my renion dinner earlier on 年29. Only 意思意思而已 cos we don’t really celebrate CNY afterall lol.


初一 & 新年快乐!My sister sent me these photos cos the night before she went missing (due to fireworks’ noises haha) and I went to find her the whole place. She just magically appear the next morning, so cuteeee 💗💕

Meeting up with the girls and we went 拜年 at them houses. Our first time meeting up on 初一! MCD for dinner and took this pic while waiting for Fung to reach. We then separate way and I had a good long talk with Fung until 12+am 😂


初二 to Jas’ cos we failed to go on 初一!Funny how Jas’ mum first question to me was “beer or wine?” 😂😂😂 They all know us too well!! Even Jas’ dad asked us to drink more and handed me one more can! I had too much food beforehand as I went to my ex colleague’s open house earlier, and I binged on a lot of snacks at Jas’ house and in the end I force myself to vomit out lol, gross i know hahahahahaha.
So that was how my week four of 2017 gone. And how now is the last day of week 5 😂 Time sure does passed so far but I appreciate it because I think I used it quite well? Hahaha. I loveeeee how my week ended with friends and a lot of loves. Once again, 新年快乐!

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