Kaohsiung Eats || 興隆居 Xing Long Ju, the best breakfast in KS

Breakfast is the most important meal in a day!

Since we only had a day in Kaohsiung so might as well try out what’s the best breakfast place. I googled and found that many recommended this place called XingLongJu which apparently a breakfast place that sell local Taiwanese breakfast and has been operating since 1954 (One of Kaohsiung oldest breakfast spots!).

We were lost in the midst of finding the shop but a kind Taiwanese directed us the way 💕 The weather was super hot and we literally spent 10-15 minutes on the road but everything’s worth it. We were there early in the morning and it was very busy but fast, except the youtiao had sold out T-T Seen a lot people raved about XLJ’s youtiao, might be really good.

P/S: Heard that the line may be longer in peak hours but we were lucky to be there early.

Ground floor was full so we headed up to the first floor, quite hot though cos not air conditioned & no ceiling fans. I found this one fan in the corner so I just had to turn it on.

These were what we had!

Freshly brewed Homemade Soymilk was good but not my cup of tea la even though I’d was half suger, I still prefer the one that is super sweet soymilk haha. My tastebud is literally for rubbish food LOL.

燒餅 but it was meh and tasteless. The filling was just a fried egg. I wanted to add youtiao cos most recommended it but youtiao finish liao what can I do? Maybe it was really good with youtiao? Anyone tried it before, please let me know.

Forgot what this was too LOL but it was a bread with a lot of fillings, got vermicelli & vegetables. It was good but the best was definitely this:


汤包!! THE BEST!! Now I get why XLJ is the best breakfast place in Kaohsiung! This soup bun was seriously super good and the soup was overflowing! The soup kept dripping when I ate it and omfg it tasted phenomenal LOL. The soup was so flavourful and the meat was tender and flavourful as well. We both loveeeee it too much, we even considered to order another serving but we didn’t haha. Still glad that we had one for ourselves so I had it all for myself yay!!

Address: 台湾高雄新興區六合二路186號
Station: City council station
Opening Hours: 3:00 – 11:00 (YES, 3AM)
Website: http://www.xinglongju.com/welcome.html


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