Third week of 2017

Wow this weekly update is still going strong on the third week. I’m proud of you, son. * pats myself *

Basically last week was a week where I kinda slowed down a little bit. I procrastinated for quite a long time. Not doing anything after coming home and just kinda chill lol.

And I only started to work everything out on Friday where I successfully updated the longest food post lol.


Anyways, I was home alone on Saturday and I decided to order some delivery. I really like Pizza Hut’s carbonara and new orlean drumlets. It was raining on Saturday night and I was contemplating whether or not to order to the point that I googled “Is it rude to delivery pizza hut on a rainy day” πŸ˜‚ But I just couldn’t bring the idea of starving so yeah I should just take care of myself first before taking care of anyone else. My new year resolution might as well just add one more: be as selfish as possible lol.


The second week was more on food and more food, I mean there’s no anyday that my day ain’t revolving around food right? Haha! Being a Libran is that we are difficult at making choice. I gave a lot thought on whether to spend RM8.20 on that particular dimsum or not but yeah that selfish me took me over again and I ended up with my dimsum and a happy tummy. I craved for it for quite a some time but often ignore it cos I don’t want to spend so much on so little food πŸ˜‚ But since it was Sunday so I might as well reward myself after a long week of hard works πŸ€”

You think I just ended my week in that way? Hell no cos I fucking pampered myself with more food again wtf.

I was again #homealone so this time I delivered KFC’s Cheezy Mushroom combo and it was surprisingly super good!! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ€€ I once tried the Cheese only and it was bad so I was quite skeptical towards this whole cheese sauce idea but I remembered Jasmine told me it was really good so I gave it a try and I LOVED IT!

Third week was more on rewarding myself with food and food and still food HAHAHAHA! The fourth week is here and CNY is coming soon. I didn’t buy any new clothes because I will be working during CNY. Nah, I’m not festive kind of person so I am alright with all the working idea and I could earn more money so why not, right? πŸ€‘ All I can’t wait for is to reunion with all the friends this week πŸ’•βœ¨


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