Second week of 2017

If you are not aware, I blogged the first week of my 2017 here.

I will try to blog weekly updates on this space so let’s us finger-crossed that this project will work until the very end (so I have fifty-two weeks to write about, two down, 50 more to go).


The week started with me “kinda” helping my sis to make the cute tangerine looking cookies LOL.


Eve is back for holiday so we definitely need to catch up on each other! On Tuesday, we went for lunch & chill.

Lunch @ TaeKyeong

We had a really satisfying late lunch at TaeKyeong. Definitely the best korean restaurant I ever tried, so far.

Beach @ Marina Bay
Super full after our lunch hence we walked to the nearby beach. I can’t remember when was the last time we three went to a beach together, it was probably when we were still in high school hmm… (omg 5 years!!)

Over Time Bistro
Strongbow – Elderflower, 1664 Blanc, Heineken
It was still early for a drink but who cares!! My first time trying Elderflower Strongbow and I like it! HAHA!

Overtime Bistro’s manager was so good that he gave us a free drink each! His staff casually placing the drinks on our table and I thought Jasmine ordered a second serving! But then the staff told us that their manager gave us the drinks! The staff then showed us who her manager is but there’s someone blocking my view so until now I still don’t know who’s the manager!! HAHA! But thank you for the drinks, Mr Manager!

P/S: I’m still the slowest drinker you will ever met LOL.

Lemon Tiramisu & Chocolate Cake
We finished our drinks quite early so we decided to go for desserts! Settled down for KFC’s Lemon Tiramisu and Chocolate cake HAHA! Like who ever go to KFC for their dessert only?!

Chocolate cake was good but not the lemon tiramisu! I was quite disappointed cos I really put a lot of expectations on it LOLOL.

Beach part 2 LOL. Sadly, Tanjung Beach is no longer like what it used to be. It used to be super chilling in the night but not anymore! Even the stars on the sky is no longer as much as it used to be. I guess it was due to all the new buildings around T.T

Cafeine Port
Eternal Love

I promise, this was our final round HAHAHA! We had a really good and funny time playing cards here. Can’t wait for all of us to be together again (hint: FUNG MANA KAMU?! HAHAHA)


Quarter Roasted Chicken

Meeting up with the girls again on the Saturday πŸ’• It been sooooo long since I last went Pete’s Deli. I think my last time was during my Form 5 graduation day? Ahhh, nostalgic 😌

Just before my 2nd week ended, I was craving for TaeKyeong’s tteokboki so I went with my family.

Days went by so fast and now the third week almost ended?!! February is coming in more or less 10 days!! 😱

Everything seems to be went by too fast that I keep reminding myself to keep living in the present.

So far, I liked second week the most. I literally spent all the money again (lol) but catching up with all the friends was the best highlights of my week πŸ’• Something is definitely brewing up on the second week, I decided to continue my further study. Yes, after 5 years 🀣 I still don’t know what might happen in the future but let’s say that I’m still in planning haha.


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