Taiwan Eats || Night markets edition #JnL11thfriendiversary


You can never missed out night markets in Taiwan! I’ve been to night markets in Taipei, Taichung & Kaohsiung. We literally had our dinner in the night market almost EVERY NIGHT until we got really sick and bored of it, like for real ok. Lol. 


So these are the night markets I went & what I ate:




Pepper bun
Taiwan sausage is luvvvvv
Lemon Cheese Tart
Fortune Telling

Out of all the 5382284 night markets in Taipei, we only went for Raohe Night Market. Since our itinerary was Taichung > YunLin > Kaohsiung > Taipei, so we were so excited for the night markets in the beginning of the trip but the excitement kinda died down by the end of the trip.

I assume Pepper Bun is one of the must eat in Raohe since there was a longggggg queue and it was raining, can you imagine how crazy the people were?! I bought one too but I personally think it was alright? Except the bun was freshly made and it was super hot, I don’t think it really worth for the queue 🤔Taiwan sausage was definitely something that I can never stop eating. I’d one EVERY SINGLE DAY. And that super nice lemon cheese tart was something that def worth a try, missing it right now. It was a stall selling cute cheese tart and egg tart. Do look out for it in Raohe NM!

And we each spent NT100 on fortune telling, kind of lol.




Pork Soup
Braised Pork Rice (Lu Rou Fan)

Right after Jiufen, we held down to Keelung for their infamous ‘must go’ night market. I was so glad that the lanterns were lighted up (cos I’ve seen pictures online that the lanterns were not lighted up) and it was super pretty!


We only tried out this stall (which was recommended online) and we had their pork soup and braised pork rice. I ordered the rice only because the girls sat beside me kept saying “omg it’s good!” “it’s good, isn’t it?” and I was like “OK JUST TAKE MY MONEY!”. It costed NT20 for that small bowl, and yes it was good.

There’s a beautiful temple in the night market too, do remember to check it out!



Fried Milk

Squid Ink Taiwan Sausage
3-in-1 Taiwan Sausage

Tamsui is definitely one of my favourite places in Taipei. Lively with a lot of souvenir shops & food stalls and street performances.


I tried out their fried milk which was tasteless. Meh. Tamsui sure has a lot creativity in their food like that Taiwan sausages. I’d that 3-in-1 sausages which was fish roe, squid ink and I forgot the other one lol. I like fish roe the most!




Sakura Raindrop Cake
Grilled Mochi w. Black Sugar

Hello, Taichung!


The first night market we went was Fengjia Night Market! Sadly, we’d dinner before this so we didn’t try out a lot but we had the sakura raindrop cake and grilled mochi! The raindrop cake was good and very well paired with the plum sauce, the grilled mochi however was a disappointment, the mochi was really tough.




Korean Egg Bread

Peanut Ice-cream Wrap

Hanxi Night Market is definitely unknown for tourists but it was packed with locals. Out of all the night markets I went in Taichung, surprisingly I like Hanxi the most! Hanxi is like a full package night market. Lot of food stallsssss, game corners and some clothing booths.

We were there bcos Jasmine wanted to try out the Korean egg bread which apparently the boss is a Korean and he did went to some TV shows. I tried out the peanut ice-cream wrap, I would say that Jiufen had the best.

We missed the last bus and we decided to walk all the way from the night market back to our hostel! CRAZY but that’s something you can only do in Taiwan and I can really tell you that it was super safe! Like literally no drunk man or hipster pervert guy on the road LOL!




Devil Chicken Chop

Smelly Tofu

Grilled Beef Cubes w. Rose Salt


Red Tea

Taiwan Sausage wrapped in Glutinous Rice

If anyone of you happened to found 魔鬼鸡排/Devil Chicken Chop, go ahead and try it out! It definitely lives up to its name! Look at that piece of chicken chop, thick meat and no bones! SUPER GOOD! JJANG JJANG! BEST BEST BEST CHICKEN CHOP!


My first time trying out smelly tofu was a bad experience and this was my second time and holy molly it was not that smelly as I thought it would? Anyways, I def regret trying out the grilled beef cubes and 青蛙下蛋. Grilled beef was nothing special, hard to chew and tasted bland while 青蛙下蛋 was actually good but I wish the pearls could be lessen cos I was super thirsty but why the water so little one and pearls so many?! HAHA.

And omfg this Taiwan sausage wrapped in Glutinous Rice! That was the best one I’d eaten! It had salted veges in as the filling and omfg the taste was phenomenal. Do look out for that stall pls!

Also trying luck on that scratch & win thing.




Hot Plate Chicken Chop w. noodles in black pepper sauce

Angel Chicken Chop

Hello. Kaohsiung!

We had a really delicious chicken chop in black pepper sauce with pasta here. We initially thought that the chicken chop does not come along with pasta so we ordered one extra pasta but turned out that it actually has pasta together. IT WAS SOOOO GOOOOOOOOD! Come with free tea and mushroom soup as well! Def a cheap alternative for western food.

Jasmine had that gelato with chocolate cake, she really had a thing for ice-cream during our entire trip lol.

I had the Devil Chicken Chop in Taichung and in Kaohsiung, they said it’s the Angel Chicken Chop. The queue was looooooonggggg but look, got handsome one doing the orders leh! OMGGGG HAHAHAHA. I personally still prefer Devil Chicken Chop better as Angel Chicken Chop tasted kind of sweet….?




Carambola Juice

Oyster Omelette

Taiwan sausage wrapped in glutinous rice

Pepper bun

Stir fry fish noodle

8 Treasures Ice Shaved

Ai Yu Bing

Since I watched 爱转角, I always wanted to try out Taiwan Oyster Omelette and I did tried it! It was so good and the oysters were given in such a generous amount! The Taiwan sausage wrapped in glutinous rice was however a big disappointment to what I’d in Taichung. The filling here was plum sauce while Taichung was salted veges in which Taichung’s was def the best. The pepper bun here was a disappointment as well as it was cold and not heated.

We’d the stir fry fish noodle which I personally think it was alright. But the 8 treasures ice shaved and ai yu bing were good tho! Esp the 8 treasures ice shaved! Taiwanese sure are super generous with their ingredients! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEIR NIGHT MARKETS!

P/S: I really wished we could try out more food but eating out in night market is def not cheap cos you just gonna eat A LOT!

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