Taipei Eats || Dimdimsum 点点心 #JnL11thfriendiversary

I guess when you all think of dimsum in Taipei, prolly will be DTF or THW right? Never heard of Dimdimsum right? I bet some of you that are at my age might ever watched 模范棒棒糖 eh? #TypicalChineseAsian lol. Definitely one of my favorite shows ever cos got a lot leng zais lol.

Dimdimsum Taipei is owned by one of the ex-棒棒糖, 阿伟 (know him eh? last time all the 6棒 damn famous one) and now there’s two outlets in Taipei. The one we went was at Xinyi district as another outlet (Taipei Main Station outlet) is newly opened on Nov’16.

But look at the queue already know the food sure good. We queued for about 45 mins before we got our seats. Longest queue during our entire TW trip LOL. But it was fun cos the guy that queued behind us damn good looking lol wtf.

They have the special counter for takeaways as well so they don’t need to waste their time by queuing up with the dine-ins.

Their menu is all in Chinese. So for ABC like me ah, I just pass the translating and ordering job to Jasmine LOL.

So this is the tea that she ordered and I forgot what it was wtf. (p/s: I can’t even read the name in the receipt!)

Fried Prawn Chee Cheong Fun

Spicy Prawn Dumplings

Siu Mai + fish roe



Fried Yam Mochi


Salted Egg Yolk Bun

 I never tried DTF nor THW before but damn DDS is definitely the BEST dimsum I ever had in my life. Each and every of their dimsum tasted phenomenal 🌈 My favouritestestest is the carrot looking fried mochi 🥕 It has a sweet yam filling and omfg I never know yam can taste thisssss good! 🤤

Not only their mochi, it’s my first time having fried chee cheong fun. I never know it can taste so good. I mean, look at the that, it look unattractive LOL. Out of all the 6 dimsums we had, 4 of ’em had prawns and they were all super good. On the other side, the price is definitely steeper than any another dimsum place. But for the price, you get huge and most importantly FRESH prawns in your dimsum? Not only fresh ingredients but every single bite is phenomenal? TAKE ALL MY MONEY PLS. The BEST. Their prawns were the best. Fresh, juicy, huge. What more can I ask for? Fresh food = good food.

Of course, $$$ but I guess DTF and THW also expensive la. But for the quality and super good food, 我愿意pay!!! I am definitely going back here if I were to travel to TW again!

Now I miss their dimsum T.T

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