#JnL11thfriendiversary || 人生中第一次追星!Meeting my favourite singer in Taipei!

As I mentioned earlier here, I met Bii in Taiwan LOL. To be precise, I went to his movie press conference, Trolls. He did the voice acting for Branch for the Taiwan’s Mandarin Version.

We just happened to see his post on FB regarding the press conference and we were like “why don’t we just go?” since we were quite free on that day.

See all the fans were wearing the wig? We were each given one by the staff and we wore it during the entire press conference.

I got a light blue one hehe. I still keep it in my luggage bag LOL.

Matchy matchy blue with my shirt.

J got the hot pink one hehe. Also matchy matchy with her shirt.

We were damn excited when the MC went up the stage to do the opening (means I will be meeting Bii soon!!). Some parts of me was quite nervous because it was my first time seeing one of my favourite singers in real life!!

I overheard some of the girls said “I saw Bii, he’s at the backstage!!!”. OMG!!!

Opening dance

And AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!11111111

Do you understand how excited I was? I kept snapping nonstop and my heart almost burst out of excitement! I SAW HIM, NOT IN DRAMA, NOT IN HIS MV, NOT HIS PHOTOS. I SAW THE REAL HIM, A REAL PERSON OMFG!!

He looks exactly like in all his photos/videos! So so so so good looking! 360度无死角好不好!!羡慕死我了!No matter what kind of expressions he made, he still super damn good looking!

He and Erika (voice of Princess Poppy) then proceeded for their interview with the MC and OMFG the MC asked which was the line that they liked the most from the movie and they had to demo it live to the fans. Bii’s voice was so cute!

They even sang a short part of the song from Trolls, they sounded so so so so nice one!! Literally melted away my heart LOL!

They sang without any music on, just RAW. I always thought singers only sound good in MV because well, all the editing etc but I WAS WRONG. They were SO GOOD and Bii sounded SIMILAR to all his songs or even better!

We even got the privilege to take a group photo!!! I took a picture with my favourite singer!!!! OMGGGG! Can you spot me??!!

They then had an interview with the reporters. I always thought that the mic was like a real mic (got sound coming out) but seriously, there was no sound coming out from all the mics!! HAHAHAHA.

Now I wonder if the mic was only a decoration tool? Hmm…

Happy moments sure ended fast right? But memories will always stay forever. They finished their interview and the press conference is coming to an end. Sad but I was having a really good time. The MC told them to make poses for the last time and all I did was snapped away crazily LOL.

He’s such a poser, look at all the kisses and hearts he gave! HAHAHAHA.

Bye bye! 我们还有缘的话,我就再去找你!


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