#JnL11thfriendiversary || 你不知道的台北101之Taipei Hidden Gems (Starbucks 101)

What type of traveler you are? Well, I am definitely the one who will search for hidden gems. If you’re the same then we’re friends!

Now, have you ever heard of hidden Starbucks in Taipei?

Yes, there’s one hidden Starbucks which is located at 35th floor of Taipei 101 and you can only get there with reservation, no walk-ins accepted. It is so secretive that there’s no any Starbucks hint around, no signs nor advertisements.

Since the Starbucks is not located in the shopping mall area, please remember to use a different entrance (SongZhi Street Entrance). Easier, look out for the ‘LOVE’ sculpture out of the building and you will find the entrance to Taipei 101 business area (just in front of the sculpture!). There’s a guard there so remember to mention that you’re going to the Starbucks and he’ll let you enter! (Public is not allowed to visit in that area as it is the business area.)

Once you reach, you’ll see the reception there and right across it at the end of the reception desk is the area for you to queue up to Starbucks.

Tips #1: Be the last one to enter the lift so that you can be the first one to get out and get the best view sit before everyone does LOL.

Tips #2: For the cheapskate aka someone likes me that don’t want to spend NT$500 to the Taipei 101 Observatory, you only need to spend at least NT$200 for food and drink (mandatory) at Taipei 101’s 35th floor Starbucks.

Tips #3: Make your reservation a least a day earlier. Call to make your reservation. They will let you choose the time.

Contact: +886 2 8101 0701

Opening hours: Weekday (7:30am-8pm), Weekend (9am-7:30pm)

We booked 7pm and we were there to wait for the staff to comes down and bring us up.

Once the staff was there, they double checked the reservation before taking all of us to the Starbucks.

As you can see, the Starbucks is pretty tiny so they have limit for each visit or else it will be over crowded.

Limit per stay is 1 and a half hours.

We saw a lot of Korean tourists who come up to buy a drink or two and snap few photos then leave LOL.

Taipei 101’s Starbucks definitely has the most beautiful sight than any other Starbucks I’d went to.

I ordered their sandwich and Matcha Espresso. Their coffee has the same standard tho, however it was my first time trying out Starbucks food. Surprisingly, it was good!


After spending around an hour, we decided to leave the business area and it was raining out there. We were discussing on whether we should stay and wait or just rush out and we did ran out just for this: 

We saw the sculpture out there and we were like “For godness sake, let’s run”, and we ran to the sculpture and took a few shots but everything was dark and shaky.

The weather was damn chilly, we literally shivered in cold but we gotta embrace it anyways.

It was definitely a good memory for us to remember ❤️

P/S: never in my life that I thought I will blog about Starbucks LOL.


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