First week of 2017


So far so good? Nah.

I felt like I was being unproductive for a week (even though I did blogged 2 posts LOL). The first few days were bad, business went down and I was both emotionally and physically broke down.

I promise myself to stay grateful and think positively more often but I didn’t do it LOL. I think that’s the major of why I get emotionally broke down. To emotionally broke down is what I fear of the most. I hate to feel so much hatred and being so judgemental. But I guess I’m the one who can fall so bad but eventually stand back up so quickly LOL. Whenever I feel like I’m not in the right emotion, I would bring myself to read lots and lots of positive quotes on social medias. I followed quite a few of those motivational accounts/pages online, maybe this could help anyone who’s in the same situation as me. Haha.

Of course, as my emotion returns to it best condition, my business is getting better and better as well!

Beside trying to fix my emotion, I purchased so many new things for my new house in a week, prolly used up roughly MYR300-350 already LOL. Can’t wait to move in and update to you guys! And I finally bought a computer desk, after so long huh!!

There’s so many things happen in the first week of 2017, the good and the bad. No matter what, I learn not to take everything for granted and appreciate every little things. I’m blessed and contented.


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