Taipei Eats || 台北比吃的Mala YuanYang Hotpot! #JnL11thfriendiversary

If you asked me, where is my recommendation for good food in Taipei for a first timer? I would definitely tell you that it’s here; try out the buffet in Mala YuanYang Hotpot.

The branch that we went was Hankou branch. They have two branches nearby which is Ximen branch and Hankou branch. We initially wanted to go the Ximen branch but unfortunately it was full by the time we went so they kindly reserve us to Hankou branch which is around 5 mins walk distance.

They have few selections of broth and we chose their most popular; mala & collagen.

We went there on weekend hence we got to try out their premium meat as well (more expensive on weekend tho). But if you want to try out the more premium premium meat then need to top up some 💵. Max. order of 4 selections of meat per order & 8 selections of veges and seafood.

You can only place your order again once your first order arrived.

Now do you get why it is called “YuanYang”?

The coagulated collagen 👆🏻

Omg I tell you their mala broth is a must! Although the mala has no mala-effect but it comes along with damn nice pig bloods!!

Here’s what we ordered:

They have hugeeee selection of seafood.

There’s two types of prawn and one of it is premium selection (palm sized prawn) which we get to try them out. Omfg these prawns were so sweet and juicy. Must order!

Oh their handmade fishballs were super nice too!! Most importantly is all of their seafood selections damn fresh one!!!

Fresh seafood = great seafood.

Meat that we ordered. There’s only one premium cut that we can order without adding more money and I don’t fancy it cos the meat cut was super thin.

Hugeeeeeee selection of condiments

Angus beef curry rice which is okok imo

Hugeeeeeee selection of drinks.

We tried Peach herb tea and omfg the scent is so sweet and nice!

For those who prefer canned drink/soft drink.

Fruits and dessert corner (cakes & puddings)

Tried out ther panna cotta which I personally think tasted alright.

Now, let’s me show you the highlights of all and why you must visit Mala Yuan Yang:

YESSS! It’s what you see, free alcoholic drinks – white wine & red wine! * only available on selected branches *

They even got Taiwan beer for those who prefer beer over wine! Unlimited!

What’s more better is this!!!

Free unlimited Movenpick and Haagen Dazs!!

I tried almost all of it and omfg it was so good!! The best of all!! Their Haagen Dazs selections are no joke! Look at all that ice-creams!

Even if you don’t like steamboat, go for their ice-creams and alcoholic drinks enough already!!

Even celebrities dined here before!

Def my recommendation for first timer in Taipei! 👍🏻

Tips: Go during weekday & lunch time. It’s cheaper. We went during weekend lunch and it cost us NT$699 (w. tax). If weekday, it will be around NT$545 (w/o tax). The branch we went is Hankou branch however if you go to Ximen, Zhongxiao or Gongguan branch, it will be relatively cheaper (weekend NT$498) but with no unlimited wine!


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