2016 Recap

Hello, 2017! I am ready for all the abundances in 2017 but as usual, let’s look back to what 2016 had brought to me!


Great start for the year because the promise we once made during secondary school is going to happen! We bought our air ticket to Taiwan!


Literally work and home.


It was a fun month! I discovered the enjoyment of cooking delicious food! So far, the interest ended for just a month, short but an exciting hobby.


First time, there’s so many firsts in 2016. And one of them was my first time cosplay a Disney character, Maleficient, for our company’s dinner! It was quite an experience cos I seriously was the only girl doing cosplay there while everyone just dressed up nicely. Well, I guess I am never the same but sane LOL.


Basically all I did was working and OTs LOL.


This month, I started out @planb_my which is a platform where I sell chokers. However, thing doesn’t goes the way I wanted to, so @planb_my is now on hiatus. Recently, I am thinking of going back to the business, no harm for trying once again.

Decided to venture into F&B business this month and I never knew I would be taking up this path in the future, but I did and am now currently in the business. Rented a booth for 10 days which doesn’t give me any profit by the end of it. But not every businesses are success in the first attempt. Never give up on trying to make it work.


August is the month where I take a small leap forward. I quit my job in the office and no, that is not a great action tbh. I’ve seen a lot of people around me quitting their job and thinking that it’s the best thing ever happened. But trust me, the best thing happened is what you did after you quit. What action you will take next will either make you better or worse.

I started Lunch-Date Delivery in August. Tbh, I am glad that I started out a business and managing it with my family is a wonderful experience to me. However the business is going well for only 2 months and I’d to stop it.

But it was fun and most importantly, I finally get to really spend more time with my family.


A vacation, at last. This month, I went to Jakarta with a friend. Although it is not a destination where I would wish to return again but it was definitely an eye-opening for me to see a different side of the Indonesians.

Indonesians were good but some are not. I lost my camera in a grabcar and the driver refuses to return/contacting me.

I was sad but 旧的不去新的不来. If it meant for me, it will eventually be mine.

September is also a month I’ve really learnt what 凡是发生都是好事 mean.


I had a  bad breakup. It was definitely painful and hard. But in pain, I find myself. I find my own value. What doesn’t make me happy, doesn’t give me future and hope, I shall not hold onto it. Perhaps, letting go, is a step to growing up, a step for being better.

I lost the love of my life and a family member. I was heartbroken. The last moment I saw her was the day that I will never forget. She was in pain and weak, but she still stood up, wagged her tail when she saw us. That moment, I know I was loved. A pure and genuine love. I love her, and I always will.

It’s my birthday month and I got few amazing friends to celebrate it with me. It was definitely a very warm blessing for everyone of you.

Lunch-Date had officially ended operating in October but that doesn’t end me from doing business. I started to join my BIL’s food stall where I sell my own dish while helping him.

By the end of the month, we flew to Taiwan. I experienced a lot of first times. I even saw one of my favourite Taiwanese singer, Bii! Definitely one of the highlights of my trip.

As epic as it sounds, I love October the most. It’s the month I learnt and discovered. I hurt and I loved. I fell and I stood. It’s the month of discovery. Oh, this month my blog stats started increased a lot like 10x from the previous stats which I am super grateful and thankful for all my readers.

Cheers to October!


November, November.

My first time snorkeled in the sea without life jacket and I’m still alive, an achievement for me.

Spent a lot of money but I earned back a lot too.

This month, I learnt to be a grateful brat lol. Amazingly, I love the Universe and the Universe loves me.

November, I am contented.


It’s the end of 2016.

I feel super grateful. December is the month full of blessings.

I’ve found a rental house at an affordable price. We finally have our own space after living years in shared house.

There’s so much more that I am really thankful for. You know you did it when your family needs you in the household.


I can proudly say that I ended the year with being a debt-free person.


It was the year that I started to make small moves for a change. I constantly remind myself, while so many other people around you taking their future seriously, always live in your present because that’s what you are at the moment.

It was the year that I started to venture into business. Small but make such an impact in my decision. Never be afraid of starting a business or two. You never know what you can do until you did it.

It was the year of discovery. In myself and what I always wanted.


I am ready for more abundances. More loves, more achievements, more changes, more small life-changing steps.

I love doing resolutions because whenever I look back, I get to see how much I’ve grown since then LOL. So here’s my 2017 resolutions:

1. Decorate my own room nicely

2. Travel to Japan

3. Earn more money

4. Stay grateful and show gratitude – always.

5. Focus on myself more.

Yeah, what a selfish resolutions for 2017 hehe.

Thank you so much for those who had walked throughout 2016 with me or halfway through, I am blessed and thankful for everyone of you. And thank you for all the loves and supports that you gave me, for all of my decisions or my business or even as simple as a blog post. I am blessed and contented.


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