Taipei Eats || 不用到韩国在台湾也可以吃的到Isaac Toast! #JnL11thfriendiversary

Back to my Taiwan post!

On our second last day which was quite a pretty free & easy day, we decided to grab a late breakfast at the Isaac Toast & Coffee.

Isaac Toast is originally a popular toast/sandwich chain in Korea and look it’s here in Taipei! Since we were in Taipei, how could we miss it?!!

We went to their Xinyi branch which is located in ATT4Fun Building on Xinyi Rd, Level 4 (the end of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi / opposite Taipei 101).

MRT stop: Taipei City Hall (just walk all the way through Shin Kong Mitsukoshi till the end of it and you’ll see ATT4Fun Building at the right-hand side across the traffic light)

I found that they have two other branches as well in Taipei (Main & Songshan branch).

I got handsome one to cook for my breakfast. Now that I think I do want a boyfriend that can cook LOL. Then I’ll never ever get hungry LOL. And he can somehow take in charge of my calories intake LOL.

Surprisingly, the kiosk was empty despite it is quite a rave in Korea. We were the only customer.

Jasmine had their Hot Chicken MVP toast (ala carte – $NT90)

Mine was the Bacon Best toast (ala carte – $NT80)

Verdict: I like it! It might look super simple but omfg their sweet sauce is so addictive! Worth it? YES! Although it has a lot of shredded fresh cabbage but surprisingly good! Even better, got lengzai helps me cook (killing 2 birds with 1 stone leh!).

If anyone happened to be in Taipei, please try them out, or please go support that lengzai HAHAHAHA!


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