Taipei Eats || 台, 好吃的拉面就在这里了- Nagi Ramen! #JnL11thfriendiversary

I never have too much standard for ramen is because 1) I never tried the authentic ramen 2) every ramen that I’d before was meh.

How good can Nagi Ramen be, right?


By far, this was the BEST ramen I ever had. BEST as in real good. A LIFE-CHANGING RAMEN.

We were there for dinner and the queue was long but moving fast. We waited for about 15 mins before we got our seats.

My choice, their original king, Butao.

They only had 4 choices of ramen & a special limited ramen tho but it was more than enough.

  1. Original King (Butao) – Traditional pork-bone soup
  2. Black King (Kuroo) – Squid ink and blacken garlic ramen
  3. Red King (Akao) – All thing hot. Garlic, chili oil and cayenne pepper
  4. Green King (Midorio) – Fresh basil, olive oil and Parmesan cheese

Like how they did it in Japan, we get to choose the ingredients and soup base as well.

Free appetizers. The taugeh damn nice one ok! The orange one tasted so bad tho. Didn’t know what it was.

And omg this is seriously good. Real good.

I don’t eat green onion at all but in Taiwan, they make you wanna eat ’em.

The noodle was cooked so perfectly that I miss having them now.

I choose the three layers pork but IMO the pork shoulder was tastier.

And don’t even get me to talk about the soup. It was definitely nothing like what I’d tried before. The soup was so flavorful that I want to sip down every single drop of it. It was THAT good.

I will never spend on any bad ramen anymore. NEVER. I am sorry but I AM SPOILED by Nagi Ramen wtf.

Ramen is never complete without an onsen egg. Just my kind of yolk.

Jasmine got fried dumpling as a side. It was good but onsen egg is the BEST! HAHAHAHAHA!

My taste bud is now spoiled so don’t feed me any bad ramen wtf.

Please give them a try if you were to be in Taipei, Ximending!

It’s located at Level 6 of the cinema building next to Uniqlo, Ximending!


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