#JnL11thfriendiversary || Janfusun Fancyworld

After checking out from Chance Hotel, we took the train from Taichung Railway Station all the way to Yunlin.

Upon arriving Douliu Station, we got off to find this agency which is just right outside of the station to purchase the amusement park’s ticket.

We both got the full package which cost us $NT799 per person, including transportation to and fro. We get to choose to return at 16:00 or 17:00 but the park close at 16:30.

Of course, me leaving everything behind to Jasmine and play with this two little cutie pies LOL.

As you can see, we were dragging our luggage around with us, the park do provide spaces for luggage tho, for FREE. You can choose to keep it in the train station’s locker as well, with charges of course.

But I would definitely recommend y’all to just fork out some money and keep it in the train station’s locker because the way to get into the park’s reception is supeeeeeeeeeer far and up high on the mountain. Imagine us two girls dragging our luggage up the mountain FOL.

The view here is definitely amazing tho.

LED Roses show going on at night (separate ticket is needed).

Some of their Halloween’s decoration. They have a Halloween game but need extra charges so being a kiam siap we are, we didn’t go for it LOL.

Kiddies musuem

This wooden wishing thingy is definitely my thing LOL! We didn’t wish tho, cos we can’t find the wooden plate.

After a long journey of up and down the mountain. we finally reached the main entrance & ticketing area/reception!

After leaving our luggage, off we go!

Our first ride because it’s the closest to the entrance! And overall, it’s the best and most trilling ride of all the rides in the park IMO!

After our first ride, we held to the ground for more games! This escalator reminds me of Murphy’s Law (Taiwanese drama), the super long kiss scene on a super long escalator.

Pictures before entering the park!

The park was pretty empty before all the Indonesian tourist swamped the place LOL. And it reminds me of Dunia Fantasi, Jakarta.

Spam hehehe

Our second ride was this, which is pretty meh.

We didn’t dare to take this ride becauseeeeeeeee……

there’s a vomit basin right beside the ride! I saw some of the riders, they had that miserable face on them LOL.

It’s their indoor park which has a lot of kiddy rides and arcade games!

And this! Every girl’s dream!

Of course, die die also must ride. Sooooooo pretty!

But the ride was a short one tho.

This one is so fun! Hahahahaha! Jasmine said mine was quite 准 one! Hahahaha!

Really wanted to get this but seriously, never ever play these in Taiwan. All seem like a scam one, waste money only.

“Cuing area”

3D ride! We took this twice because the first time, we forget to use their VR.

Next thing was this! I had one in Jakarta and I can say, Jakarta has a better one (cos more shocking and the ride was longer). This ride make me like “What, this only ah?!”

Sadly, the ferris wheel was not operating.

So we had a light lunch right beside it.

Blood cake & fried chicken + tempura.

The next thing was this, Floorless Coaster.

Overall, I would prefer this over Jakarta’s as this one is less painful LOL and the ride is more longer + exciting.

This balloon castle that we didn’t even botheeeeeeeeeer to enter LOL.

Oh, Janfusun has a waterpark as well but FOL, it was closed. Btw, waterpark is included in the ticket as well.

Next favourite is this, the mirror maze which I took tons and tons and tons of pictures in it.

See! I can haz long and slim legs!

Saw their mascot when we got out from the maze and pictures!

The souvenir store which literally has no fun thing to check it out.


Pirate boat! The ride was so short that we stayed on the boat after the first ride for a second one.

Bought the raincoat from the store at $NT40 and took 2 rides out of it LOL. It was fun and we didn’t want to waste the raincoat for just a ride.

On the second ride, I hit myself on the lips tho LOL. And it hurt so badly.

Hairdryer provided for those who got wet, e.g. Jasmine HAHAHAHA!


Funny thing is that I got the coke from the vending machine and it was warm wtf. On a hot day, how are you expect me to drink a warm coke? Even on cold weather I also don’t want la LOL.

Anddddddd that’s all LOL!

Verdict: Most of the rides are not as exciting as I thought it would be the first ride we took was definitely the bestttttttttt!


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