Imago, KK || Caffe Bene #JnL11thfriendiversary

Taking a break from heavy travel posts LOL.

I’d been to KK for numerous times and mostly I would always go back to the same old restaurants e.g Pasta Pasta (Damn good and cheap pasta), two of the famous BKT restaurants and the sheng rou mian.

This time round, we decided for a non-kk-trademark dessert LOL, Caffe Bene @ Imago Shopping Mall.

I bet most of you heard of Caffe Bene before (the very famous bingsu chain in Korea). They have their franchises in KL, Penang, Malacca, Kuching and Johor as well.

They always have this concept, bright and clean interior which I really like.

We went there during tea time (3pm+) and to my surprise, it’s kinda empty.

Free water tho.

Of course we gotta order their infamous bingsu. This is the strawberry one. They have green tea, choco and original one as well.

Looking good for a RM19.90 (small) bingsu but taste wise was quite ok. I was expecting a smoother ice but theirs are harsh ice.

IMO, worth for a first try but not for a return visit.



Since we had 2D1N in KK (again), this time round, I brought J for a short snorkel @ Pulau Mamutik.

However, the weather wasn’t good that morning hence they changed our schedule to Pulau Sapi.

Didn’t take much photos.

As we got closer with the instructor (?), he brought use around in the sea (mostly bringing J around bcos she still can’t swim haha).

I’m so glad I went (except for not applying enough sunblock and getting darker wtf) bcos it’s my first time snorkel and swim in the sea without life jacket! WITHOUT! Yes, so damn proud LOL.

Since we got closer with the instructor (?), he actually brought us to Pulau Mamutik as well (for the price of 1 island!!). Since Pulau Mamutik has a lot of sea urchins, I was brought around by another instructor. Damn scary ok. Each time passed thru sea urchins or coral, I scare they are too close to my legs and somehow poke me lolol. But beside getting bitten by fishes in Pulau Sapi, I’m safeeeeee.

I guess I can now have a new goal – get diver license!


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