#JnL11thfriendiversary || Rainbow Military Dependents’ Village, Taichung 台中彩虹眷村

Our first stop in Taichung is Rainbow Military Dependents’ Village or known as Caihongjuan Village!It’s a small village which only take up to 20 mins to explore all the village if you didn’t stop for picturessssss because EVERYWHERE here is photo-worthy. Every corner is vibrant with all the childish, humorous painting.

The village is all drawn by the Grandpa (picture above!). Imagine how long he took to finish all the painting for the WHOLE village (only got around 5 houses). Tbh, I don’t really know anything or why he started this ‘project’ because I can’t really read Chinese lol.

What I heard of is the government decided to demolish the village hence Grandpa came up with the idea to paint up the village and eventually became a tourist spot. And of course, no more demolition!Commercial break for awhile haha.

The weather was a disaster wtf. We both thought TW would be windy by the time we reach but FOL. Damn hot ok.I kid you not when I say that literally everywhere in the village is painted, even the small details lol.

We were there on Monday noon and yes, there’s still a lot of tourists on Monday. To avoid the crowds, go in the morning!

If you are lucky, you might get to meet the infamous Ironman here as well. Unfortunately, he wasn’t there during our visit as he’s actually a street performer kind of that performs in various places.

There’s a souvenir store in the village and feel free to check them out (selling items like notebooks, postcards, angpao packs, t-shirt etc). They do sell a very cute umbrella which I really wanted to bring them back but not convenient 😦


PHOTO TIME!A friendly woman help us took a photo!And the rest is just mini tripod + timer.Alpaca!!!!!

As you can see, if you are someone who like to take a lot of pictures, then you might even spend up to 1+ hours (I think we both stayed for like 30-45 minutes only.

I’d seen a painting of 一见发财 in one of the postcards they sell, unfortunately I couldn’t find that painting, maybe if you went, you could prolly get luckier than me and found it eh?

How to get there:

Any bus that get to Lintung University and from there, use google maps LOL and walk for about 5 mins to reach the village.

Entrance fee: FREE

P/S: Not sure if every bus ride in Taichung is free, but apparently most of our rides were free! (I use Easycard!)

P/S/S: Disaster, weather was a total disaster wtf. Try not to travel here during sunny day lolol.


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