Taiwan Stay || Chance Hotel Taichung #JnL11thfriendiversary

#JnL11thfriendiversary LOL

I was thinking for a hashtag and voila! I came out with a lame hashtag LOL. Anways, I guess some of you out there might be waiting for my TW post and I actually said that I will update about it AFTER I finished my Jakarta’s posts. But I so lazy blog about Jakarta leh, I delay that one first ok.

I will make an itinerary blog post after I finished ALL my TW posts lol so keep waiting la ok cos I foresee myself already that I won’t be able to complete it lol. Like how I stopped halfway on my KK’15, SG’15 and Jakarta’16 travel posts lol.

Ok fei hua shao shuo, let’s get into it.

Right after we reached Taoyuan, we immediately took Ubus all the way to Taichung. Our itinerary start from staying 3D2N in Taichung. Since we are on budget travelling, for our 10D9N in Taiwan, we spent around RM390+ per person for accommodations. It would be more expensive tbh but don’t say I no share la ok, I will tell you all by the end of this post on where I got such a good deal!

But first,


Damn good location, close by Taichung bus station & Taichung Train Station, Ubus ticketing counter & stop also close by.

Although the lobby is not that spacious but it’s clean and cozy. Ok, don’t use the PC here cos damn slow and lag one.

Laundry is located at the same floor as the lobby. Out of the other 3 hostels I stayed, Chance Hotel has the cheapest laundry services LOL.

One of my favorite corner is the lounge.Super cozy and clean! Most of all is because the lounge is very private. Mostly, hostel’s lounge will just be in front of the reception or on the same floor which you don’t really get to enjoy the privacy. But Chance Hotel got it own lounge located at the 4th floor (mixed dorm floor).

Got 24 hours complimentary tea and water but I don’t drink any of it because I got a better one…












Ta-da! HAHAHAHAHA. Must drink one ok. J got the grape one which tasted like soda drink while the honey beer is tasted like beer, but smell like honey lol. (can get from any convenient stores)And my favorite spot in the lounge!

Now, I’ll bring you to the room but first, let’s head down to 3F bcos we stayed in all female dorm (no men are allowed!).

Halo, commercial break awhile.

Our room and my key!!

4 beds female dorm. A bit cramped but so far ok cos I still can walk around la LOL.One thing to be noted, towel is not provided ya. Also each person only got one USB compartment to charge. If you wished to find electrical socket, sorry ah, the room don’t have ah.


Free slippers! Just find yours in the shoe lockers (number according to your room locker).Bath and toilet area.

Body shampoo – checked.

Hair shampoo – checked.

Hair dryer – checked.

And my favorite of all is here!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Chance Hotel has the best breakfast spread ok. If you ever stayed in hostel then you’ll know bcos normally they only provide bread and jam or cereal.But Chance Hotel’s breakfast spread is like this one!

These are vegetarian corner!!! So thoughtful la them so no need worry ok!

Got porridge and soup also!!

Peanut, chicken floss etc etc etc omg eat porridge also got so many toppings LOL.

Got bread and jam also.

These are my favorite. Super nice fluffy bun and ady got butter filling inside (but I still eat with jam tho..)

Butter, Strawberry Jam, and Chocolate.

You see!!!!! Drink also got so many choices!! Got orange juice. grape juice, coffee and fresh soy milk somemore!!! Damn awesome ok.

Also got super nice milk tea!!!





I have never seen this in any hostel that I stayed. Let’s me tell you again, hostel normally do provide breakfast but only simple bread and jam, only bread and jam!





But see this!!!

Got salad somemore!! Omg damn shuang! I’m not a fan of salad but damn their vinaigrette dressing super nice!!


Ok don’t say I no share.

Normal price: RM70.50 per night per person but I stayed for RM50.50 per night!!!

Nope, don’t use Agoda already. I introduce you all a greater one, TRAVELOKA! Never heard of it hor, but I tell you this website is so nice cos they always got superb promotion like 15% off or 25% off!! And I tell you, they ALWAYS got promotion one ok! Beside hotel discounts, they also got flight discount which I personally don’t think got any cheaper. Just book hotel from them but not the flight.

But cons is, the hotel choices are not as wide as Agoda. So far so good cos they got those popular hotels/hostels just not as much as Agoda.


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