[Travel] Day 2.1 – Local Breakfast | Waterbom Jakarta pt. 1

Blogging from TW! Will be leaving soon (TODAY!!). So emotional ok. I wanted to stay longer (or forever lol) to the point that I even searched for jobs in TW for foreigners wtf (will be sending CV tmr once I reached KK – yes, I’m being serious lol). I even had a great time spying on shuai ge (conclusion: Kaohsiung has more shuai ge than Taipei).


Anyways, back to the topic as I will try to finish Jakarta trip ASAP before I start to share my Taiwan trip. Looking back at Jakarta’s pictures, I don’t find myself missing Jakarta at all wtf except missing my camera (‘missing’ could be in both terms, if you read my previous post).


For our second day in Jakarta, we settled for their local food. Since there are some food stalls out of our hotel, we decided to just try in out.We both settled for this stall as most of Indonesian breakfast is ‘rice’ and I’m not a rice person for breakfast lol.Indonesia’s must drink – Teh Botol! Bought this from the convenient store next to the hotel. Tasted like our very own Teh O hahaha. Trust me, I’m having this every single day in Jakarta. Tried their original, green tea and less sugar one. Original is the best, imo. (p/s: i even bought it for souvenirs lol)Lalapan Ayam, I guess.I had this, soto + bakso. I didn’t know it was just an instant noodle lol fml.Noodle was alright, the bakso was so much better and nicer than the one I tried in Kota Tua. Like that bakso here was so ‘meatball’ lol and Kota Tua one was plastic lol.


After our breakfast, we managed to Grab our way to Waterbom Jakarta.Bet some of you heard of Waterbom Bali (Top 10 in Asia, sort of?). This one is in Jakarta. Slides are not as extreme as Bali but still good. I had a hard time deciding between Snow Bay and Waterbom but finally settled for Waterbom as it is much more ‘extreme’.

Ok, give you all some sneak peak only ok. See ya’ll in the next post!

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