[Travel] Day 1.3 – Kota Tua | Cafe Batavia

Cont. from Day 1.2

Upon checked into our hotel room, we immediately Grab our way to Kota Tua which is one of their recommended places in Jakarta.

There were a lot of booths around selling paintings, doing temporary & permanent tattoos, youngster doing street performances and just locals chilling there.

The buildings and architectures are very “Victorian”. Do noted that, this place is closed for public at 10pm.

If you walked further behind, you will see people pushing their food carts from the end of another street to Kota Tua (10pm) and start operating.

Some food which we tried. The latter was bakso bakar and it tasted like plastic meatballs lol.
Since we couldn’t really find what we want to eat for dinner there (because most of them only provide a mat & eat on it), so we headed to Cafe Batavia (recommended by Tripadvisor) which is fairly near.

The atmosphere is really dim, which I personally don’t like it that much and there was a live band playing music which I again, don’t really adore much lol.

Please do noted that the food here is quite expensive but very filling. I personally think that the food was just ok.
That’s all for my Day 1 in KK & Jakarta. See you in my next post!


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