[Travel] Day 1.2 – Arrived Jakarta | Cordex Ancol Hotel

Cont. from Day 1.1

Immediately upon checking in, we both each purchased Indonesia sim card from a kiosk in the airport. It cost us RM40 for 2GB and 10,000 IDR phone calls credit and the sim card can stay up until 1 month if you didn’t reload it. Don’t worry, the sim card is in any size that can fit into your phone easily. I am not sure for the price if you bought it in Indonesia, the salesman told me it will be roughly around that price as well but well, IDK~

But seriously, don’t purchase it because XL‘s line was so terrible and we got disconnected quite often.

One of the best part to travel overseas is to fill in this immigration form (because I’m no longer in Malaysia! LOL)

After 2 hours & 40 minutes of flight from Kota Kinabalu, we reached Jakarta at 7PM (Jakarta time – Malaysia time is an hour ahead).

Of course, first thing first is to find transportation to our hotel. We tried to find drivers from Grab unfortunately we failed to find our driver due to communication difficulty and even some cancelled our booking. We had no other choices but to take taxi which costed quite a bomb compared to Grab.

Here’s the hotel lobby. Picture was taken in the morning haha. The hotel was pretty clean and most importantly, it was cheap lol. I think it only cost around RM300 for 5 nights.

We got the twin bed room.

Room was pretty small but still alright cos they have a special part for the luggages which I will show later.

Study table & mini open-style cabinet. No refreshment but for the price, this was more than enough.

The part that I like the most is under the bed. The safety box is placed fit and comfortably under the bed.

And this is the highlight of our room! A space for our luggages just right under our bed! Each bed has one luggage space! So so so in love with this design, so space-saving!

The toilet was good. It was very clean. They have a practice here which is eco-saving and water-saving. If you still wanted to use the towel, you just hang them up and if you would like to change them, put it on the floor. We didn’t read their note so we didn’t get them to change our towels for the first 2 days lol. We initially thought this hotel doesn’t change the towel one until we check out lol.

And this is the shower area. I really like this mirror because it has it own light (can do my makeup easily haha).

Location wise, it is not located in the town area but is located in Ancol. But you can always use GrabCar in Jakarta 😉

See you in my next post!


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