[Travel] Day 1.1 – Transiting in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

I am back from my recent trip with a friend of mine! It was my first time travelling with a friend, just both of us. Before we jet off to Jakarta, we transited in Kota Kinabalu for few hours hence we decided to roam around KK.

Our first stop after taking the airport transfer bus is here, Kedai Kopi Kim Hing Lee!This old school cafe is specialize in Sang Nyuk Mian (生肉面) and it’s the first one in KK selling Sang Nyuk Mian!

To get here, we used the airport bus (RM5/person) and stop by their first stop and walk to the shophouses on the right side! Just look for Lorong Sinsuran 3!

Sang Nyuk Mian! It was really really good! (RM7.50)


After our delectable meal, we grabbed to Imago Shopping Mall to waste the time lol and settle the dinner here in DubuYo before grab to the airport.

Seafood Ramyeon



Beoseot (Deep fried oyster mushroom)

The food here was mediocre pfft that I didn’t even bother to further elaborate lol.

After our ‘early’ dinner, we were back to the airport and we took some photos together (thanks timer lol). Didn’t use the Olympus one cos I lost the battery charger but I bought a new one in Jakarta and the heck now I lost the camera itself, in Jakarta fml ttm more on that soon lol

Still a long time before we get to boarding hence I decided to try Starbucks’ new drink – Matcha Espresso which I am super disappointed at fml. The matcha has no ‘impact’ at all lol.

Thanks timer once again lol.

And goodbye MY, hello Jakarta!

See you in my next post!

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