Taiwan Trip Planning #1

My best present for myself last year was challenging myself in travelling alone. My best present for myself in this year would prolly be going to Taiwan with my best friend for the first time.

I remembered back in high school days, we would discuss about travelling with each other. We made promises on where we would travel together in the future. One of the promises is we will travel to Taiwan together when we turned 21. Yes, we halfway made it! We will be going to Taiwan soon! We bought both air tickets and hotels for our 10D9N trip and surprisingly I managed to get good hotel deals in which we only spent not more than RM400 for our 10D9N trip (which is like RM40/night! Omg steal! Steal! Steal!)!

We will stay in these four places:

1. Chance Hotel, Taichung

2. Backpackers Inn, Kaohsiung

3. Ximen Wow Hostel, Taipei

4. Green World Hostel, Taipei

For our air tickets, we both bought it roughly cost us around RM600/person for both return flights (MYY-BKI-TPE-BKI-MYY). Not the cheapest that you can find but it’s okay. Our travelling month is in October (next month!!!) and from what I’d researched, we will be free from typhoon season & the weather will be perfectly fine for us which is like windy weather! The highest estimated temperature is 30°C which is the day we will be in Kaohsiung while the lowest will be 20°C (anywhere else is the same). I guess I still need to pack some lightweight outerwear as well.

Our itinerary is still in progress as we hardly meet up lately, so far so good. We will be going to 4 parts of Taiwan which is obviously Taipei, Taichung, Yunlin County and Kaohsiung.

We will first travel down to Taichung from Taipei the moment we arrived and we will be staying there for 3D2N. On our 3rd day in Taichung, we will travel down to Yunlin County in the early morning for Janfusun FancyWorld *so excited*! We will not staying overnight in Yunlin County as we will travel down to Kaohsiung after Janfusun. As for Kaohsiung, we are going to stay there for 2D1N and heading back to Taipei via last bus ride/first bus ride as we will be spending the night in the bus (estimated travel time: 6 hours). For the rest of the days, we will spend in Taipei.

I am the one that keying our itinerary because I can’t keep my excitement lol! My desktop is not installed with Microsoft Excel/Word so I actually had a hard time to documenting it until I found Google Sheets which is super super convenient & free to use lol. Even can use it offline or online and in app!

Anyways, I hope to be back here for the #2 post soon!


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