I quit my full time job after almost 2 years working there. 25/08/16 is my last day. I have been working since I graduated high school which is like 4 years ago, I never like the idea of 9-5 lol but not everyone can do things that they really like tho…

Anyway, I began my own small ‘business’, which is lunch delivery service which I mentioned in my previous blog. The first week had passed and so far so good. I haven’t earning back from what I got from working 9-5 or even earning the profit but I believe that time will make everything better.

05/09/16 will be the second week and I hope for the best. My goal for September is to get at least 20 orders per day and increasingly by 10 orders each month. I don’t know what’s the maximum amount of orders I will get but I will try hard to make a better life for my loved one. I will try my best to not scare of taking risks at something that’s unclear and be braver.

When people asked me why I quit my 9-5, I said I wish to run my own business. I received the good and the bad comments.

“Don’t try to take the risks. Not everyone is going to order from you everyday.”

I know. Not everyone will, but someone will.

“Don’t take the risks. What if you failed?”

I am not afraid of failing, I am more afraid of not taking chances. I rather do crazy things than stay at the same place, doing the same thing, being comfortable for the next 5 years, 10 years, 15 years. My life is worth for the failings so that I would learn from the rainbow after the rain.

I wouldn’t try to say that my opinion is always the right one, but I wouldn’t spend my time with people trying to take away your dreams. I am trying hard in polishing myself into a better me.

 I got a lot more dreams in me, a lot more goals waiting for me to achieve it.

Things that must be done before 2017 ended:

1. Bring my mum to a cruise

2. Visit at least one new country.

3. Expanding my business into something bigger and greater.

4. Rent a house for our own & bring my pet back home with me.

5. Car license & buy myself a car.

I think these 5 will be the main factors for me to try harder. I need to make it happen because I believe in me, I believe I can do it!

Let’s all of us work hard together, bb ❤


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