It been a long time since I sit down and talk (in my case, type) to my blog.

There are few more months to go until I officially turned 21. All these while, I had been thinking out a lot of ideas. I realize I couldn’t stay any longer in an office job. I am never happy. I wanted something big. Something that I could call ‘my own’. Something that is somewhat an achievement.

It is still a planning but I am working towards 3 small projects that will be coming/launching soon.

I decided to venture into my own business.


@planb_my will be launching soon, hopefully at the end of July or beginning of August. Plan B will be focusing on selling what’s on trend, as for now, we will be starting with fashionable chokers. All products are in ready stocks. Hopefully we will be able to bring in clothes (off-shoulder top!!!!) sooner.


This is where the real deal begin lol. Tomorrow we will be having a booth @ Boulevard Shopping Mall, Miri. We will be selling MalaysiaxThai fusion food (tomyam rice, basil chicken rice, thai curry rice etc). We will be there for 10 long days and I hope it would turn out great.


This is where the real realest deal begin lol. I will be venturing into f&b industry and we will be starting our food delivery service on mid-August (hopefully). Same, we will be selling MalaysiaxThai fusion food. We will only do lunch delivery.

#Project03 part 2

If #Project03 is going well, I am on planning to do ‘clean food’ delivery as well. I believe that there are a lot of you who wanted to diet or somewhat eat healthier but you have no time to make yourself a lunch (Miri has no any restaurant specialize in ‘clean food’ category yet), I hope the idea is going to work. I will be giving #Project03 a try for around 2 months before starting off with its part 2.
Beside doing all those planning, I decided to resign from my job although I had yet passing my resignation letter. #Project02 will be mostly handover to my mum as she will be the cook & the one looking over the booth. It would be 10 long days. I can’t let #Project03 to be all on her own or else it would be really tiring.

Honestly, doing these while giving my mum an opportunity to somewhat earning money on her own is like killing two birds with one stone.

I hope everything goes well as planned, but y’all know, expect the unexpected. I will be fully prepare to overcome all the hardship. I am looking forward to it!

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