Crystalmate with family

Just another day when I feel like bringing the family out for dinner and last week, we ended up at Crystalmate because I saw the promotion on fb.

It was the Ramadan promotion. Each person will get discount according their age: 20-29 years old entitle for 20% discount while 30-39 years old entitle for 30% discount and so on .

Their finger food serious tasted so good especially the fried chicken & honey chicken (which literally wiped out within minutes out from the kitchen lol).Two types of soup; tomyam & chicken soup. The soup tasted bland but it supposed to be bland or else it will be super salty once the “liao” are in the soup.Chawanmushi & carb. Don’t gamble on Japanese food here, better play safe next time. As for the carb, I didn’t manage to try it out becos I have to save spaces for more food!!!Fried chicken & honey chicken are the best. Nah, as I said, don’t gamble. Look good but doesn’t taste up to its facade lolllllll.Seafooooooooodddddd! Scallops, prawns, squids! Not a fans of fishes so didn’t get any of ’em.Meat my friends lollllll. I think all tasted quite the same but the garlic chicken one are the most 好吃 imo.My spread lollllll but yes i’m serious.Living up to its name, the beautiful crystal (what do you call the thing the surface that are built for bbq? Yes, that it is).Ok, i was so full from all the meat but look who’s pissed off here……

…..cos he woke up from his nap lollllll


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