#AuntieMeet x Crossborder Vape Bar & Bistro

For those who are celebrating it, I wish you all Selamat Hari Raya!! Alright, back to the topic! Been a long time since meeting up with all my aunties, unfortunately Fung wasn’t able to be there with us.

Our location for this time is Crossborder Vape Bar & Bistro. Nope, I don’t vape/smoke neither does my friends. It’s just a vape bar because it actually has a vape ‘bar’ which sell vape juices.

Beside the vape bar, every night you will be able to listen to some live music by their singer of the day. Didn’t know what’s happening but apparently we kept listen to Malay songs on that night.

Our seating was at the second floor. It has more privacy there but all of the tables are so low which is not comfortable to eat there.I went there once & they haven’t extend the space yet but now is more spacious & more seating area.

Smirnoff – RM17/bottle & Somersby – RM17/bottleCarrot Milk Juice – RM8Polio and Fungi Pasta
Olive & Mushroom pasta, oil-based. Taste wise is alright, I wished the mushroom taste more stronger.Carbonara PastaOut of all the other pastas that we ordered, this was the best imo. It was good however will get jelak after awhile of having it.Penne Arabiata PastaSpicy pasta with base made from garlic, red chili peppers and tomatoes cooked with bell peppers and olive oil.

Honestly, I don’t like this dish. No, to be precise, I hate it. I really hate it. And I felt rip off by them, how can a pasta with no meat AT ALL to cost RM19.90? I thought it was spicy, but it’s not spicy AT ALL.Spicy Chicken Wings3 fried chicken wings coated with sweet & spicy sauce.

This finger-food was good but it will be better if it was spicier.Pepperoni Beef PizzaDid I said I loveeeeeeeee thin crust pizza? Oh, I didn’t? Well, now you know. This is the best out of the 5 dishes we ordered.

They were so generous on the cheese and thin crust made all things better.

Crossborder does have a lot more selection on pizzas and I’m definitely back for their pizza!
Dinner ended and we went for a movie. Watched Tarzan because it’s the only movie that 3 of us haven’t watch. It has been quite a while since we last watched movie together. I remember we used to watch so often when we were still in Secondary School. We would have a movie marathon for the day – watch 3 movies in one day.

Anyways, it always a great time being with them.


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