Fashion Under RM100 #Pick01

One of my dreams is to be able to buy clothes that I want without having concern over money matter. Thank’s God, for me, money is never a problem to be fashionable. Don’t get mistaken for me being rich, it’s about using the least money to get the thing that I want.

If you look into my wardrobe, you can find a lot of stuffs under RM100, and here my #Pick01 for Fashion Under RM100.It was a casual Sunday and I wanted something simple and easy to move around. Spaghetti top and denim short are like PB+J. I really like this top as it is so comfortable, best to wear during hot day. This spaghetti top is one of my best cheapest buy ever. The quality is so good and I just love the peplum cutting (goodbye bloated stomach!).Yes, my #Pick01 is all from Taobao lol.

Tbh, you can get a lot of clothes under RM100 in Taobao but you pay for the price la. Getting a RM10 top, don’t compare with a RM100 top’s quality. I don’t mind wearing such quality clothes as long as they’re nice and comfortable. Also to risk for receiving item that is not in your size or different design from what the seller posted and not being able to return it.

Of course, if you didn’t like Taobao, I actually do shop from other websites such as Zalora. Yes, I can get you Fashion Under RM100 with Zalora as well, as I always shop during sale period.

I do went to outlet stores as well but I only look out for the cheap affordable one or shop during sale.

  • I will not buy the clothes even if it is cheap it don’t look good on me.

See you in the next post!


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