Big Bowl Noodle @ Captain M

The big bowl noodle had been quite a hype previously in West Malaysia and I’m glad to say that we finally have it in Miri (for quite a long time dy la actually).

For those who are hype-person or just simply wanted to try it out, the big bowl noodle is located at Captain M, Marina area.They have 2 types, one is the original and another is tomyam (you may opted for spicy or not spicy).

We ordered tomyam flavor to be shared among 5 of us (RM38 per bowl which is like RM8 per person – price exclusive of GST).My bowl of noodle. IMO, this is overrated and the amount is too little. One big bowl only managed to be shared into 5 small bowl. Taste wise, acceptable but nothing amusing lol. Worth for the hype but don’t think it’s worth for anything else.

You will just find a lot of photos like this in your camera when you asked your bf to help you to take nice pictures.

I had been watching this super nice Taiwanese drama call Love Me, If You Dare. And honestly, this drama is super recommended. It’s a mystery + romance drama and I’ve seen a lot of reviews saying the suspend is so good (OMFG I CAN’T WAIT TO FINISH THE DRAMA – on track EP18). Why, why Wallace is so cool omg why is there such a cool criminal psychologist like him I can’t even. Anyways, the first EP of the movie is so boring and I initially thought Bo Jin Yan (Wallace) is a murderer cos he’s quite creepy lol. But yeah, it’s suspend guys. Just keep on watching and you’ll somehow love the drama too!!

Ok, off to watch the drama now!


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