Best App EVER for Food Photography – FOODIE

Who loves to take picture of food before they eat? * hands up *

Who hates dull image directly from the phone’s camera? * hands up *

Who’s lazy to edit picture before posting on social medias? * hands up *

No worries, I am here to share an amazing app for your food photography and I swear, everything you took, will surely look good – Foodie – Delicious Camera.

Apparently, this app is so good that all the food taken & filtered by it look delectable – I don’t lie. This app is created by LINE Corporation which created a lot amazing apps e.g. LINE the messaging app, LINE Camera and the famous selfie app – B612.

* Mind you, this app is for food so you can only shot with your main camera, but the filter is sooooo good for selfie as well *

This app is so easy to use. All you need is to snap and choose the filter that you like out of 27 filters. You change the level of the filter & exposure as well as blur the background.

If you really want to use it for selfie, take your selfie with your camera and transfer the photo to the app and voila!

Most of the time, I will use the filters from YUM series to take my food photos as I personally think it looks better. My least favorite would be the SWEET series as the picture came out pinkish.

Here’s some taken by my phone using the app:

and there’s sooooo many more food photos….

I really like this app – now that all the food photos that I took have to be taken by Foodie lol.

Try out the app and let me know your review! You may download it free on Android – I don’t know about Apple Store but I think it is available & free too lol.



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