What I have been doing lately…

…is laze around lol. Last month is the month I developed an interest in cooking while this month is the opposite of it. I feel super lazy about everythinggggg.

Anyways, my company’s annual dinner is just around the corner. This year theme is Hollywood. Last year was an open theme; black & white and this was what I wore:Screenshot_2016-04-23-23-21-48I dressed up like a badass lol. Anyways, I dislike the hair set by the makeup artist. I initially wanted a wet hair style but she didn’t listen to my request * sigh *

This year, I will be dressing up as Maleficent. Most of my costume will be DIY except the dress & heels. I finally found an affordable black maxi dress which I can also use during casual time from Zalora. Initially wanted to get the Malay jubah but thanks God I didn’t buy it cos I can’t see myself wearing it for the second time.

All I left now for my costume are black satin cloth for my cape, aluminium foil and lace for the horn, soft cardboard and transparent plastic ball for Maleficent’s stick.Screenshot_2016-04-21-23-23-34Here’s my inspired cape lolol. Just gonna buy a longgggg black satin cloth and pin it.

Will update when I’m done with all of it!


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