Scotch Egg || #Fanneecooks

  • I had completely forgotten this post. It is still in my draft after 3 weeks lol *


Super duper easy peasy lemon squeezy dish that tasted good.

Here are the ingredients:Minced pork around 200g~ depending on the size of the egg and your own preferences. Mine make me 2 scotch eggs (around 200g).

Not in the picture:

  • Vinegar
  • Salt
  • Pepper

1. Boil the egg with vinegar & salt (about a spoonful). Remember not to over-boiled it.2. Prepare your ice & normal temp. water. Make sure the ice is enough to cool down the egg from over-cooked it & enough water to cover all of the egg’s surface.Rest your egg and let’s prepare the meat.3. Season your meat with any ingredient you want. (I just use the basic one)4. Mix all of them.

Now, it’s time to wrap your scotch egg.5. Peel off the shell and ta-da, a perfect half boiled egg!6. Coat the egg in plain flour and wipe off the excess flour.7.Follow the step. Be careful when wrapping the egg cos the egg is kind of fragile, you just don’t wanna break it lol.8. Fry until the meat is cooked & golden brown and voila! Super easy and fast!

Time taken: Preparing ingredients: 5 mins, Cooking: 15 mins, total: 20 mins!The perfect golden, yummmThe perfect egg wheeeeeeeee~~

#Good Luck

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