Korean Cheese Pork Rib || #Fanneecooks

This month, I found another inner me, I adopted a new hobby – cooking something new.

Tbh, I’m not a cooking person, I’m more to the one that eat lol. I somehow managed to find the enjoyment in cooking, it’s weird.

Anyways, I cooked this Korean Cheese Pork Rib and it turned out really good! #AmateurCookThe ingredients are really simple, I changed some of the original one, cos I couldn’t manage to get some of the ingredients. #SpontaneousCookMain ingredient: Pork Rib – 500g ~ 1kg, Mozzarella CheeseBroth: Scallion (I used lemongrass, more fragrance), Onion (half), Black Pepper (a pinch), Dried Bay Leaves (I don’t have this lol).

Sauce: Chilli Powder (4 teaspoons), Gochujang (4 teaspoons), Garlic (2 cloves – finely chopped) Sugar (2 teaspoons), Salt (a pinch), Pepper (a pinch), Soy Sauce (4 teaspoons).Throw everything needed for the broth in the pot of water.Add in the pork rib as well and cook for about 40~50 minutes. (The leaves that IDK the name were added in by my mum lol but honestly you don’t need this).

Meanwhile, prepare your ingredient~If you’re using block cheese, just cut your mozzarella until a small square shape. (for easier melt)As for the sauce, just mix, mix and mix everything in one bowl.

Now, let’s take some rest while waiting for the pork rib to cook.Once it’s done, take them out, but don’t throw the broth!Back in the pan – pork rib + sauce + 1 cup of broth and let them shimmer for about 10 minutes (until the sauce lessen + thicken). Make sure to taste your sauce first. Mine turned out to be super spicy, so I added in 4 more teaspoons of sugar.

If you’re not a spicy eater, please go easy on the chilli powder lol.Once the pork rib is done, place them + cheese in a non-stick pan or any similar thing and time to melt down the cheese!Once the cheese is melted, turn on a low heat because you won’t want to burn your cheese lol and enjoy!It’s a big success and everyone just like it! The taste is a combination of sweet, spicy and salty! The sauce & pork rib really went so well with the cheese ❤

Please do try them out and let me know your version of cheese pork rib!

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